1000 Take Two: Midweek Moments

Days like yesterday and today are the ones I want to put in my front pocket and hold onto for as long as possible.

131. Slow days.

132. Ginny is BACK on the mountain. Y’all, I could not be more excited to have her sitting at her desk when I walk by her office or sitting across from me at lunch. Love that lady.

133. Not-quite-rain to cool mid-mountain-run sweats.

134. Mexican twice. Same place. Different people.

135. Driving Suz in my car.

136. Pretty white houses with big trees and potential.

137. The growing up parts of life.

138. Nike shoes for running

139. Goodwill bro tank finds, perfect for the workout life.

140. Benches by the gate.

141. Feeling exhausted, but not dead.

142. Blackberries more ripe than last time.

143. Suz to run/hike with and making it to the gate in 30 minutes like bosses because we are.

144. “Does your chain hang low?” And visits sewn with laughter.

145. Paper chains hanging from ceilings.

146. Step stools that we can’t open or close.

147. Surprises.

148. “If you can’t twerk it, it ain’t worth it” because uphill climbs are better than flat ground.

149. Plans to keep this up for a while.

150. High aspirations, like killing the hurtin’ gator and making it to Amy’s for dinner because it’s summer and we love adventures.

151. Debriefing the last two weeks.

152. Office ladies who ask about Drew’s progress because they care.

153. Blazers for steal-deals.

154. Boss breezes and mountain trees.

155. The I’ll-roll-down-this-mountain feeling mid-sprint race that is terrifying when your quads are screaming and you can’t stop.

156. Lavender bath water and finishing ANOTHER book.

157. “Early” to bed, early to rise.

158. Morning chats with Ceena.

159. Feeling joy.

160. The people who get it.

161. Accomplishing much.

162. Packages crammed into little post office boxes.

163. Getting my Lion’s Thread tank in the mail.

164. The ominous clouds and pending rain that halted an evening hike in favor of lasagna, salad, coffee, and laughs.

165. Those deep breath people.

166. Shelby Rhea Strickland. She’s a 10. I am so thankful for an evening spent with her and a friendship that grew out of two office corners.

167. Scary red nail polish that’s only appropriate for Christmas.

168. When you can’t stop the grin.

169. A week brimming with potential.

170. Ceiling fans that don’t go too fast.