1000 Take Two: September Arrives

171. Early rising for McDonald’s breakfast and Swinch coffee.

172. Conversations centered around dreaming and praying.

173. Coming back to Rome – I honestly can’t wait for CR to be back here.

174. Being okay with the silence.

175. Office change.

176. Frozen pizzas, even if they’re the least healthy.

177. Friday afternoons at B&N.

178. Netflix marathons.

179. Workplace puns.

180. Cover letters… I know, I thought I’d never say that either, but really… sometimes it’s fun summing yourself up really quick and letting people know who you are.

181. Sticky traps to catch large hairy spiders.

182. New pants.

183. Pumpkin spice lattes.

184. Bucket lists.

185. Paperless Post

186. My purple “Celebrate” cup from Relay for Life.

187. How one story, like Kate’s, can touch millions of lives.

188. Remembering that “God is still God & He is still good.” 

189. Pacing driveways and talking out dreams.

190. The bridge on Little Texas Valley

191. Church with Amy & Drew. 

192. Letters & packages all in one week.

193. Lipstick.

194. Ice dream Fridays. 

195. When it rains.

196. Morning jams on the way to work.

197. Quiet Friday nights.

198. Permission to rest.

199. That feeling of being involved.

200. Perfect sunsets when you’re nowhere near a camera. 

201. Wednesday dinners and “black little baby” songs that aren’t really.

202. Pals to ask outfit advice.

203. Pals who call in an S.O.S. for you.

204. Holidays and baseball and the bittersweet ending of a season.

205. Friends who remind you to count it all.


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