1000 Take Two: Tuesdays are for Tennis

206. Breakfast BEFORE work.

207. Arguing about how often we have Mexican for dinner on Mondays.

208. Logistics adventures with Ashley way before I’ve had my first cup of coffee.

209. IF:Gathering Podcasts

210. People who are honest & tell it like it is.

211. Friends on Spotify & playlist sharing.

212. Disney Broadway Soundtracks

213. Twitter.

214. Books on circles.

215. The Mindy Project.

216. When everything in the office is funny and I’m weezing.

217. Kate McRae’s story.

218. Having a first floor office.

219. Sitting on couches with pups.

220. Sprints on a tennis court.

221. Buttered texas toast… or just Zaxby’s in general.

222. Finishing one more season of Bones.

223. Early mornings on the mountain.

224. Interpretive dance moves while playing tennis.

225. Backhand shots that just don’t go where you want them to.

226. Going to bed exhausted after a full day of work and tennis.

227. Things Christine says in the office.

228. People in the office with great taste in music (like Sam Hunt).

229. Mornings that aren’t rushed.

230. Paperclips.