1000 Take Two: It’s Raining

231. Quiet afternoons alone in the office.

232. Dog tricks to get Eliza in her crate. Sometimes I feel like a big liar because I deceive her, but… it gets the job done.

233. Pups that listen.

234. Evenings cool enough for sitting outside.

235. Free drinks at Swinch when I didn’t even know.

236. Well made cappuccinos.

237. A table full of my favorite ladies.

238. Lots of hugs.

239. Feeling all the love.

240. Laughing to tears.

241. Slow-sipping a super hot capp for hours. Savor.

242. Tweetable conversations.

243. Friends with incredible humor.

244. The way it feels to sit around a table with people you love and have a conversation that skips and dances like this is the way things were meant to be.

245. Friends you can compare bras with in the kitchen.

246. Ashley getting a twitter.

247. All the boy stories worth telling.

248. All the feels behind “I love you”

249. Friends who cook fancy things.

250. A place to call home.

251. A flock of bats like something out of a Hitchcock.

252. Sunsets reflected in storefront windows.

253. It’s all in the eyes.

254. Gilmore Girls on Netflix – universal love.

255. Days on the couch with pups and Bones.

256. Finding books with your heart written on the pages in the middle of Barnes & Noble.

257. Caramel Frappes…grande-sized just because.

258. Green calendars like Ninja Turtles.

259. All the ladies at the lunch table that love baseball enough to talk about it.

260. Learning to love raw tomatoes on sandwiches.

261. Coffee that’s been on my desk so long that it’s cold.

262. “Gully washers” because “it come a downpour”

263. Friends to call for drinks.

264. Having Friday night plans because you’re friends with the band.

265. All the way turtle. Roscoe Dash, that’s what’s up on a Friday afternoon. #turnt


Happy Friday, babycakes.