1000 Take Two: Hello My Old Heart

266. Sunday morning side hugs.

267. First selfie with my best Madison & her feyonce, Brandon.


268. DVD player fixes for Boy Meets World & Harry Potter.

269. A whole day of LPL wrapped up in 7 points, an identity declaration, and a commissioning all without changing out of pajamas. Thanks, Beth Moore, for being fierce.

270. Brown sugar & honey facial scrubs.

271. Sunday morning McDonalds because breakfast.

272. Cinnamon tea that will forever remind me of Nica & Meredith.

273. Jo’s low angles.

Jo's Low Angles

274. Reading all eleven out loud after finding this waiting on my doorstep – a whole year later, but two years from the start.

rocks on a shelf

275. Cool Sunday mornings that have my heart all up in arms.

276. Cuffed skinnies.

277. Way-too-big-for-me plaids.

278. Oxfords for days.

279. The three most-felt songs at church. Fall Afresh, which never ceases to remind me of Em. Holy Spirit, which was the only song I could wrap my mind around for an entire year (and reminds me of Liz). And Give Me Faith, which takes me straight back to the mall days, knee-deep in college, next to the best of friends.

280. Going rogue for a Pumpkin Spice Latte at 7pm on a night when it’s only appropriate to find a high place to watch the sun go down, chacos, leggings, and all.


281. Eating my last Reese’s in the office.

282. Laughing so hard at people who look like emojis.

283. Texting all the people.

284. Hannah Brencher going to her first Braves game (really. This is big) and learning who Bryce Harper is (and why is is no bueno).

285. Putting together lamps at 9pm with Taylor, because that’s what roommates do.

286. Friendiversaries like today. One whole year ago I told Amy I wanted to be real life friends with her instead of just friends because Drew & I are friends & I babysit for their small group. She’s one of the best and I’m so glad we’re real friends.

287. This girl, Ceena, who understood my book brain, talked out the deep things with me, affirmed me in my henna abilities, introduced me to Mindy, and was just all-around my person on the Race. I’m so thankful for her influence on my life and that she was born on this day.


288. And then this girl, Lizzie, who taught me how to wear lipstick and eye liner, dyed my hair on a rooftop in India, and taught me how to hear from the Holy Spirit in a big way. This girl understands so much of my heart and I’m so blessed to know her and celebrate her birth today, too.


289. Almost forgetting to clock in because I walked in the office to tape over a doorway because the sickies are in.

290. Making faces at Ashley over our computer screens about all of the things that happen during the day (which I will probably miss a lot next week).

291. Small lunches.

292. Peach cobbler.

293. New binders when the old ones are falling apart.

294. Twitter, because when you ask questions people will answer them.


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  1. Barbara Harrell says:

    Thanks, this keeps me in touch with what you are doing. Love you, Granma


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