1000 Take Two: One Short Day in the Emerald City

295. Tennis court talks.

296. Running away when football practice is over.

297. God’s gift to Rome: Hobby Lobby.

298. New pens.

299. Extra pickles on my CFA sandwich.

300. Musical Fridays.

301. Morning talks with Christine.

302. Making Harry Potter references and Christine agreeing even though she doesn’t understand them.

303. All the reasons we love Kelly Kapoor.

304. A PSL from Ashley Pugh this morning “just because it’s Friday.”

305. When you see your design on a shirt.

306. A day off spent in my hammock. I meant to read, but mostly I slept.

307. All the chats with Amy Mitchell.

308. Unexpected phone calls from my Granny.

309. When Twitter brings people together.

310. Smoothies.

311. A Braves win on a Wednesday.

312. Being part of a birthday explosion for Jake via HB.

313. Little visits from Theta Shank & a hug, which was exactly what I needed.

314. Afternoon popcorn breaks.

315. A little bit of time to just sit.

316. Whitney Houston in the office…as random as that is.

317. The feeling of throwing things away.

318. Finishing all of the things on my to do list on a Friday before leaving work. I’m a rock star.

319. Kids’ books about crayons that quit.

320. Bones marathons.

321. Having the same Myers-Briggs as all the great authors.

322. Early morning farmer’s markets, crafty with a side of jam.

323. Walking through dew-wet grass.

324. The big oak trees and the little acorns.

325. Wrought iron gates.

326. Dreaming.

327. Learning new things about friends.

328. People who don’t mind me asking so many questions.

329. Little bowls & mugs with my favorite words on them – gather; comfort.

330. The way pure joy looks.

331. Heritage.

332. Remembering to listen.

333. The final breezy days of summer that do all the things to my heart – break it in how quickly they disappear, but put back together all those pieces so close together because this is perfection. My heart breathes in breezes, in meandering, and in the knowing.

334. Putting off lunch for wandering.

335. Boiled peanut salt in the air.

336. People who make things.

337. Sandwich bread in circles.

338. Elephant cups.

339. Kitchen towels with giggles and wine all over them.

340. Slow smiles.

341. Baby cast iron skillets perfect for the round-bread sandwiches.

342. When nail polish peels off.

343. WR cups at Goodwill.

344. Not stopping to hold the sweaters.

345. Pixar lamps.

346. The first sip of a warm PSL, because it thaws your frozen Elsa heart, no matter the circumstances.

347. Knowing mid-morning that the sunset will steal all breath and do that thing to your heart again.

348. People lined up for Beer Fest on a perfect day.

349. Strollers on Broad Street.

350. Picnic tables in the sun.

351. When life, friendships, and all the feels happen in fluid motion the way breezes breeze.

352. Hipster wedding plans.

353. Virgin Pampered Chef stones, all awkward tan and not at all dark from years of use.

354. New pillows.

355. The way “Glorificate” still gets to the deepest part of my heart in a minute.

356. Bridge dinners.

357. Mustard yellows and deep cranberry reds.

358. Slouchy hats that I can wear soon.

359. The season in between summer and autumn when baseball and football coincide and everyone wants to be outside.

360. Pulling out your jeans for the first time post-summer.

361. I measure my life in autumns.

362. Steeping tea.

363. Being known.

364. Smells so rich you close your eyes, like pumpkins, apples, jasmine, and lavender.

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  1. Barbara Harrell says:

    Just heard today Frank and Alene Gathering will be 1st weekend in Dec. Sat 6 I suppose. Sounds like you’re getting along good. I love you and miss you./Grama


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