1000 Take Two: Breezy

365. Wood pallet seats on porches.

366. Creeping jasmine vines.

367. Jasmine black tea in pots.

368. Lazy breezy conversations.

369. Sunday back-road drives to Woodstock.

370. Chia seeds in my salad.

371. Butternut squash, like we’d planned it with all my cravings.

372. A day when you can throw four-letter words around like candy and not feel a bit bad about it.

373. Henna hair dye and all things beginning with whim.

374. Morning talks with dad about the Braves.

375. Mondays that start with laughter.

376. Christmas music on my Spotify.

377. And then there’s Dave Barnes.

378. Christine eating all her candy corn way too soon.

379. Talking baseball smack on the tennis court.

380. All the times Ashley hit winners on the court yesterday and I just couldn’t get to them.

381. We can’t play tennis and not laugh about things.

382. Comfort mugs with pumpkin tea.

383. Falling asleep reading.

384. Sharing the deep things in a mid-morning huddle.

385. How I don’t even know how to do my job some days and that’s okay.

386. Cathy counting the number of letters missing on her keyboard in the middle of teaching me something. “We have a lot to do..we don’t have time to count.”

387. Only doing one job instead of three. – Y’all, this made my whole life better today.

388. People who call me back.

389. Open windows.

390. Clarity.

391. Professional development breaks.

392. Tuesdays, because they are the days when all the amazing things happen (this wasn’t so in the spring. Tuesdays have obviously been redeemed).

393. When we get to hear Bob Goff speak.

394. All the breezes.

395. Looking all hipster with my new mug.

396. Being so excited about things that my head hurts. (I honestly think an overload of excitement cuts off the oxygen flow to my brain)

397. Beating Cathy at thumb wars even though she poked me in my blister with her crazy nails. #winning

398. Almost-navy blue pens.

399. Lunches outside when it’s almost cool enough, but not quite.

400. Subtle things.

401. Seeing Ashley Decker tonight after not being able to send all my sly facial expressions over my computer screen at her at all this week.

402. How acceptable it is to not wear shoes in real life. Barefoot. I even really like that word.

403. Brooke Fraser days.

404. Being a friend that is valued and enjoyed.

405. Bringing the joy like balloons.

406. Being a big dreamer, even if it means my head is in the clouds twice as often as everyone else’s. Without all these silly stories, thoughts, romances, and loves in my head, there’d be a big hole in the world, I think.

407. Being a risk taker.

408. Willing to speak life and love inefficiently.

409. Living in pursuit of hearts.

410. Taking the first sip of coffee with eyes closed and opening them in wide awakening.

411. Chats with Hannah Brencher in the GC lobby & just being pals.

412. Starting on Tuesdays, quitting on Thursdays.

413. Courage.

414. A life of interruptions.

415. Permission to be friends without an agenda, without anything else on the other side of the equal sign besides Jesus.

416. The opportunity to be a beautiful reflection, a beautiful reaction.



Y’all, this day has redeemed Tuesdays in the biggest way. Mondays used to be my favorite, and I knew Tuesdays would be the day everything just fell apart on me, but I’ve been soaring today.

It’s been big. And right now I feel my eyes shutting from a headache after just trying to take it all in at one time and love it all out, but I just feel like I’m overflowing and I want to hug all the people and dance in the grass with bare feet and flowers in my hair.