1000 Take Two: One Month to Bethday

417. Monday morning emails that you have to read twice because they say so many of the things your heart’s been beating for a week.

418. Dear You letters.

419. Make Me Your Gold. (Hannah Brencher has been on.point. this morning)

420. Meeting 2am with a wand waving expelliarmus over fears that have little sway.

421. The stories of prayer, lost & found, and all the realizing that someone else felt that way once.

422. Sam Adams October Ale that actually isn’t half bad.

423. Praying in a circle.

424. Church softball team talks.

425. Side comments & conversations.

426. Fall football. There’s something about the way it smells.

427. How easy it is to stand up tall on bleachers.

428. Walking bridges with lanterns and all the big dreams.

429. Settling on a feeling.

430. Not getting that smoothie.

431. Group trips to the bathroom.

432. Soccer stories & high school.

433. All the random things you can buy at Chick-fil-A that aren’t for real CFA foods, like fruit cups and mac-n-cheese.

434. Security blankets in the form of old man Jew sweaters straight from Romanian thrift stores.

435. New days.

436. Everybody showing up to devos because Drew’s speaking and they know it’s important to me.

437. “Read me when I’m dead” letters read out loud.

438. People who innately know how to love inefficiently – we need more of these people in the world.

439. Couches where you can spread out or curl into a ball.

440. Christine: “Is the ‘c’ in SunTrust capitalized..or did I make that up?” because there’s something about Monday mornings.

441. New music from John Mark McMillan

442. Straws in cups without lids.

443. Flagged emails.

444. Little reminders in the form of Bob Goff quotes like this one: Fear & failure make things that are temporary look like they’re permanent; grace & hope keep resetting the clock to zero.

445. Making plans.

446. Slow rain on a Monday that needs washing.

447. The way hands nestle a mug.

448. “I’m in trouble.”

449. Friendships that are just natural.

450. Knowing where we stand.

451. Double-sided Sharpies.

452. Deep breaths.

453. Mad lib games.

454. Fruit.