1000 Take Two: October

455. Apples & peanut butter

456. All the lunch talk

457. Boxes of surprises

458. Unexpected #BethDay tweets 28 days early.

459. Tuesday Breakfast Buffet dinners with the Ashleys

460. “Are you guys teachers? Because I thought I heard teacher talk.”

461. Going so.slow. through the buffet line – two potatoes at a time – for the sheer fun of it.

462. Finishing presents in the parking lot

463. Throwing pillows.

464. Pinteresting gifts and things.

465. Grace for the moments when I say silly things.

466. All the phrases we say too often and need to stop saying.

467. Meetings well-prepped

468. Afternoons when I can’t even think straight at all and correct myself twelve times and still never say the right date or time.

469. Wednesdays

470. Falling asleep to post-season Baseball

471. Visits at the tennis courts from Cricket & Capati.

472. Hard hit tennis balls.

473. Remembering why I hate playing tennis when tense

474. Steps to sit on and parallel tree lines

475. The Royals win over the A’s – beautiful baseball

476. Making it to DJ’s in less than a minute.

477. “If you quit right now, what would you want to do?” “I just want to love people.”

478. Feeling all the potential through the mess

479. 40% off coupons for Hobby Lobby, which is making all my dreams come true.

480. Sketchpads 2/3 the size of my body on sale

481. Napping because I’m laying on the couch & I might as well

482. Checking things off my fall bucket list

483. New brushes for watercolor wall paintings

484. Sam Hunt + Watercolor = #alltheart

485. Texts from Broseph

486. Everyone with big plans to end up in Rome tomorrow night because Mountain Day

487. When worlds collide

488. Being the bow whisperer at Suz’s for dinner. Wedding invitations for days

489. A weak shoulder from all the tennis. Go hard or go home.

490. All the quotes we can’t quote online. #thesunshinegang

491. Madi & Sar walking in with all the hugs

492. Tough reminders to talk it out

493. Pumpkin bread smells

494. Sitting on kitchen counters

495. Sharing dreams and visions and hopes

496. “Coming back to Rome will be like coming home” conversations because that’s what we’re doing

497. Pre-Mountain Day excitement. All the people. All the fun. One mountain. I cannot.wait.

498. Seeing all the tweets about IF:Gathering and #CatalystLeaders this week

499. Conversations with mom about the huge influence women have in the Church

500. Bringing things full-circle on a Thursday

501. Hours spent in HL dreaming of all the creative things

502. Permission to quit on a Thursday

503. Old curtains as drop cloths

504. A heart practically bursting with expectation and love


“Praying with expectancy is the breeding ground for miracles.”