1000 Take Two: Comfort Mugs

505. Finally having a slumber party with Bell 🙂

506. When birthdays are celebrated with extravagance, like Martha’s.

507. Seeing ML on the mountain – and by seeing I mean all the squeals and hugs and “I didn’t even know you were coming all the way from Maryland!”

508. Crisp Saturday mornings

509. The Swinch fall menu

510. Mountain picnics with the bests

511. Seeing freshman year pals and picking up where we left off

512. Remembering that most of my Roman friends went to Berry, like Em, Julie, & Jeannene (even if she couldn’t come to visit)

513. Emails from J in my inbox

514. Cookout grilled cheeses

515. Honeymoon creme brulee & haystacks.

516. Walking Broad Street

517. Avocado on sandwiches at Schroeder’s

518. Breaking out long sleeve shirts & looking like Pinterest

519. Broseph & Abby on the mountain, too!

520. Smart wool socks

521. Navy long sleeve tees

522. New sweatpants to wear all the days

523. Counting on free Mountain Day cups

524. Football games that warrant hot chocolate and blankets

525. Not sitting down for the entire 4th quarter

526. Sunsets over the stadium

527. Leaving without a voice

528. Jumping in sheer disbelief

529. Yelling like a man

530. Friends who get it without explanation or apology

531. All the texts from Ashley mid-game

532. The way a crowd erupts

533. An alma mater thundered and hollered

534. Lights out just when we’re taking a photo

535. Brandon to explain NCAA overtimes

536. Interceptions & the wanting it so bad

537. Fireworks to celebrate a win and culminate a birthday

538. Sending firework videos because that one time in July and we love them

539. Headaches from too much apple cider, but it’s delicious and keeps you warm

540. Knowing the secret ingredients

541. Making new friends

542. Laughing and joking

543. Watching simple things make people happy

544. Blurred vision

545. Huge pots

546. Refills too quickly needed

547. Sundays for crashing

548. “It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball.”

549. The Royals clinching the ALDS in three long games

550. Post-season baseball explained in tv-terms

551. Office candles

552. Power poses

553. Breakfast for dinner

554. Chocolate chip pancakes & bacon

555. Freedom to ask questions and discuss the harder things

556. A circle that’s all in

557. Suz

558. Amy’s obsession with weird tv shows

559. Solving the world’s problems with Taylor

560. An extra hour of sleep

561. Bring-your-mug day at the office because some days you need something to make the coffee taste better

562. Lulls for breathing

563. Funny lunches about flying and Peter Pan spirit animals

564. A night for pajamas and getting it all back together