1000 Take Two: Mountaintops

590. People who let me ask them all the random questions love me for it.

591. Making tornado plans with Taylor

592. Cardigans that feel like blankets

593. Coffee with Rach after way too long

594. Sparkly plastic spider gifts from Ginny because our office is full of the real ones

595. All the sarcasm and making faces we do at lunch

596. Getting called out for listening to Christmas music in October. Thanks, Benjamin.

597. 8 minute phone calls about church and flag football with Amy

598. Selfies from Benjamin Graham Stahl in the form of #twinsies4life navy & white striped sweaters

599. Dialing Ashley’s extension and her actually being there

600. My chair in the Situation Room

601. The lowest of lows that I’ve experienced, because when I’m emptied of all things I can be refilled

602. Loving with mountaintop-love

603. All the Christmas music being listened to by all my friends on this so-not-important Tuesday in October

604. Friends who use Spotify

605. Fresh Elijay apple slices

606. 9/12 checked off for today

607. A journal small enough to fit in my purse on the daily, but big enough to hold the overflow

608. When Mrs. Judy goes all the way to Building 5 to get me Dr. Pepper because the fountain is out of order in the Chalet

609. Handwritten notes

610. Media kits and marketing plans

611. Word-of-mouth and grassroots kinds of things

612. Reading through all the Capati Quotes on Twitter and laughing all over again.

613. Emptying my inbox on a Tuesday

614. 5pm and the very fact that tonight is girls night


“This is what I want you to do: tell someone you love them and that dinner’s at 6.”

-S. Niequist

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