1000 Take Two: Gather

615. Wednesday dinners that feel like family reunions

616. Susan Doane who doesn’t mind if I throw my feet on top of her or need her to be close by, but also challenges me to love better.

617. Playing corn hole for the first time, really, in ever

618. Retreat buddies like Caleb & Joseph that also love Rome

619. Rally caps and baseball analogies because we’re your home team

620. Pumpkin carving and borrowing socks

621. People who understand the art history part of this brain of mine

622. Talking New York and Broadway and singing Disney

623. Dinners on the living room floor

624. Guests who sing in the bathroom because the acoustics are great

625. Walking in to Nicky reading Robert Frost

626. What it means to be a lion

627. Cranberry flowers to match my pants

328. Interweb radio that’s one out behind to keep me awake

329. A bathtub drain that holds water

330. Waving candel flames

631. Hand-cut sparkly bows on straws

632. Pumpkin cheesecake

633. Tucked-away tables

634. Yellow balloons with white polka dots

635. craft paper

636. Cider & pumpkin ale that tastes good later

637. Hosts that match hunter green

638. All the bests in one circle

639. Abby Twarek for outfit advice

640. Life talks with Rach

641. Too much to carry to my car on my own

642. Party-size wine bottles

643. Baseball in the background

644. Apples to Apples until we’re in stitches on the floor

645. Laughing way too hard

646. The long hugs full of being thankful

647. Harry Potter glasses

648. A princess crown & never knowing what photo booth face to make

649. Even the navy & gold bunting

650. gingham

651. that one moment Ashley & I caught ourselves analyzing a bunt

652. Salmonella, sailors, the ocean, Ariel, and all the things we didn’t mean to say

653. Yelling at the tv, but it wasn’t Matthew McConaughey

654. Friends that love big

655. Mid-church conversations with Amy & “Why’s that guy sitting on our row?”

656. Paper airplanes & reminding Malachi that I’m cool

657. Learning bocce ball

658. hole-in-one corn hole

659. #becommingaman <– it’s not going anywhere

660. “Hug me” moments with Suz  & celebrating that marriage thing

661. Finding interweb radio that is NOT delayed!

662. Flexibility to go home in the middle of the day

663. All the silly adult things that come with birthdays > tag renewal, license address changes

664. Coffee & brainstorming pre-work with Drew

665. Being allergic to weird things

666. six-pack weekends

667. World-traveling GLs, just back from places like Beijing

668. Permission to sit down & breathe

669. Dopplegangers for all the Royals/Giants players

670. Navy & royal blues

671. All the talk about guns & naps at lunch

672. Hearing from all sides that we’re all feeling it, praying, and fighting. We’re a team even if it’s terrible.

673. Zadie Rook at the Front Desk for great conversations

674. Benadryl & water

675. The walk up to Normandy

676. Costa, Jamaica, & Africa sarongs

677. Plum lipstick stains on coffee straws

678. Finding four bottles of water in my purse

679. World series group texts

680. Being available for #fireworkpeople on a Tuesday night

681. Romans 8:28 reminders

682. Adult life pep-talks from Decker

683. All the random dinners with Madi

684. Creeper tables outside Panera

685. No lines at the gas station

686. Cups & Mugs reunions on the fly. So thankful for sweet souls like Allison!

687. Baseball games where you just can’t sit down.

688. Changing leaves on my drive to work everyday.

689. Honey in oatmeal at 10pm that changed my life.

690. A 7-game World Series, just in time for October 29.