1000 Take Two: Joy Whispers

691. Ziploc bags

692. Cars with ample heat

693. Little gold bangles

694. late night teary-eyed phone conversations full of Jesus pep-talks, vulnerability, and learning about real friends.

695. Couch conversations & kindred hearts

696. Three cups of tea well before lunchtime

697. Table sitting with Decker & Pugh – I always laugh until my stomach hurts

698. Starting where I am…with soup.

699. Safe places to share

700. Permission to unload

701. Tears shed, because that’s just what you need some days

702. Reasons to get up out of this chair

703. Morning outfit conversations with the Sunshine Gang

704. Twitter & all the community crammed into 140 characters

705. New Girl quotes a day later

706. Reading Bread & Wine out loud on the bathroom floor

707. Gilmore Girls marathons

708. Haircut days because no church community is complete without a Holy hair lady like Lindsey Lynch.

709. Getting back into all the good teas

710. Anne of Green Gables, Olive Garden, and Meet Me in St. Louis on a Sunday with Taylor

711. Curls that still look lovely the next day

712. Christine lighting candles in the morning

713. Soups thrown together in big pots

714. Avocado garnish

715. Soup spoons


“Focus on creating a space protected from the rush & chaos of daily life, a space full of laughter & safety & soul.” -Shauna Niequist