1000 Take Two: We Took It All

716. Little glimpses of people’s hearts

717. Warm Saturdays

718. HoneyBaked Ham sandwiches

719. All the arm strength to hammer signs

720. Rehearsal tears we all had

721. Matching dresses twwice

722. Risotto that inspires dinner parties

723. Round tables

724. Toasting with coffee & cider

725. Steaks for going big.

726. Couch beds & delirious talk

727. Lights from the parking lot

728. 6am wake up calls & breakfast with a different generation

729. Nestled white mugs & couch waiting

730. Switching places while Linds dolls us up

731. Laughing because we’re all old friends and this is so natural and normal and real

732. Cracking jokes with the photographer

733. Duffy’s chicken salad twice in one weekend

734. Making a fool of myself to start it all off

735. Driving the getaway car for the weekend

736. Big mirrors on the floor

737. Butterflies & sending Sar off for her first look

738. How quickly we kicked off our heels

739. Trial runs down that short aisle

740. Polysyllabic words… and the very fact that “polysyllabic” is polysyllabic

741. Shoe sharing for last-potty breaks

742. The nerves I didn’t expect to meet me at the top of those stairs

743. Little looks & convos you wouldn’t see from afar

744. All the awkward drive-bys mid photoshoot

745. That perfect red leaf

746. Watching happy families

747. Window-watching guests arriving

748. My favorite faces on both sides of that aisle

749. Hanging out with my bests for a whole weekend

750. The walk out with Paul

751. The moment we all almost lost it.

752. Hugging J, Gus, Em, & Linds in succession

753. Sweet Brenna’s voice and kindred spirit – small catching up bookended by big hugs

754. The way birds soar

755.  Sun warmth

756. Corn dip, bluemoon, & sitting with Amy & Drew in real life

757. “Thanksgiving is always for those crazy enough to see grace for the trees.” Ann Voskamp

758. One reception dance

759. “The buggy was smashed to indifferent kindling wood.” — 100 year old newspaper articles

760. Over-singing “Let it Go” with college pals like Emily Nicholson & Royale

761. Mounds of confetti thrown

762. #trashtag & #hashtag conversations over bar corners like no time’s gone by

763. tracing lines and long hugs in street lights

764. Fifteen bobby pins on the floor

765. Leftover soup

766. Debrief text messages

767. Women’s gatherings with Amy & all the cupcakes I don’t want

768. Thanksgiving dinner because it’s November and they’re family

769. Sweet potatoes that don’t cook

770. Helping clean up & getting all the leftovers

771. Wearing stretchy pants because I plan on eating too much

772. Letting God plan the future spaces and places

773. Words like this from SRT:


774. Being needed to help carry a little bit of life

775. Molly Jo coming to live with us at the 1210!

776. Learning fashion faux pas from Lorelei Gilmore on a Sunday

777. All the silly excitement over getting a fax in the office

778. Little Uganda stories written by a six year old heart on a Monday

779. How fiery the whole world looks all dressed in red.

780. Leftovers for lunch on a Tuesday – simple reminders of the gathering & the spill-over of a filled heart

781. Come Thou Fount in the daybreak hours

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