1000 Take Two: Advent Adventures

782. Girls Night

783. Pumpkin icing

784. Magazine dreams

785. When we end up doing more talking

786. Daring to dream

787. Interjected baseball

788. new socks

789. Boots removed one by one because we are standing on Holy ground – Emmanuel is here

790. Teacher voices

791. golf cart parades

792. the light in someone’s eyes when they see this Mountain oasis for the first time

793. Gratitude mixed up in the raging Jordan River

794. A multitude of earthly hosts

795. Christmas turtlenecks

796. Susan Speed’s sweet heart

797. Sharing numbers & lists with Erin, Liz, and Amy

798. The tears that come in seeing those little African feet & red dirt

799. Sitting in absolute awe

800. O Holy Night, soft and slow from 1700 hearts at once, believing it

801. “I’m all about that pretzel” renditions in the office

802. Sharing the Greatest Gift instead of bought things

803. Office parties – food & friends because we’re southern

804. When we get to be insanely sassy on a Monday

805. Mountain breezes

806. An arm around your shoulder

807. Perfectly round chocolate chip cookies

808. (bass) Walking through a door into warmth

809. Brand new colored pencils

810. All the cookie dough & Gilmore Girls one weekend can hold

811. Hemingway quotes & James Joyce references

812. Brother nutcrackers & poinsettias everywhere

813. Hobby Lobby debrief processing with Ashley

814. Miscounted moments

815. Unintentionally sharing dead letters on a Thursday and feeling the smiles

816. Wrapped gifts unwrapped in the living room floor

817. Soft-light Decembers that twinkle

818. Elephant ornaments straight from Swazi

819. Affirmation moments unexpected and so needed

820. Secret shopping trips

821. finishing two books

822. Friends who know that Julie Andrews, kids’ books, and pie plates fill your heart to the brim

823. White Christmas, Sister Sister, and magazine cutouts

824. Big coffee mugs for days when 4pm finds you sans coffee & exhausted

825. One-stop shopping

826. Finally finding Come Thou Fount

827. When addresses match the one verse your heart’s been painting on canvases and in margins for months

828. Friday night out with Sar, Josh, and Zach

829. Post-nap conversations with Erin

830. Post-work Barnes & Noble trips with Ashley

831. Quiet on the dark side of the moon

832. Meandering through Children’s books

833. IHOP grilled cheese & a side of hashbrowns smothered in ketchup

834. Coffee you toss back black because it’s that late and you can’t taste it anyway

835. Books about circles – praying and walking them

836. Sweaters with Christmas trees & Santas & Ho Ho Hos

837. SOR photobooth photos full of laughs

838. Saturday mornings when the sun doesn’t shine too brightly through the window

839. Journals that lie flat

840. Only realizing how hot you are when you finally open the door and the cold hits you like a deep breath

841. “Buttface miscreant” and “apanape”

842. Extra mattresses and grandma quilts

843. Book trades & skinny ties

844. rum & coke

845. Couch sitting and Gilmore Girls marathons

846. Henna smells

847. Meals on the coffee table

848. Impromptu conversations that may lead to freelance writing gigs

849. spoons full of cookie dough

850. the moment you realize how ridiculous you were in an entire conversation only to find that it was all fun in the end.

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