1000 Take Two: Transitions

851. Returning to work after a hiatus & having the catch-up conversations

852. Driving around the Murch with Christine & running out of TJ’s.

853. Finally seeing HP5 – 1.5 times in one night

854. Falling asleep on the couch mid-movie, which just never happens

855. Tears falling, shared, and called to deep breath moments of BEing

856. Underground bars with Scrabble boards & winning twice

857. Overanalyzing golf shows on mute

858. Hunched in a cold car waiting for the heat

859. Finally breaking out that 2015 Simplified Planner

860. 1000 Gifts moments when we both said, it changed my life. And the “all six of our handwritings listing”

861. An opportunity to rain grace on a group of moms desperately in need of rest

862. This 5-person Tuesday lunch with cross-table grins and “see you next years” tossed around like jokes

863. Ice cold water & extra ketchup packets

864. Warm coats & sunglasses donned for the short lunch walks

865. Group texts & videos from my Race girls with scripture and words and rage dancing worship

866. Tying a bow on the first try

867. Freezing feet & long talks with Amy & Drew about the plans & the potential

868. Having friends who will help fix Sandy when she won’t crank

869. Praying it won’t cost money yet & God delivering on a small plea

870. Taco soup to warm my soul & sitting across the table from my best friend

871. Reminiscing a whole year & catching dreams for 2015

872. Sleeping in quilts instead of blankets because the sheets aren’t on the bed yet

873. “Now death, where is your sting? Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated” reminders on a Friday morning

874. New planners and new plans and new bucket lists for a new year

875. Mashed potatoes with cheese & a table full of the “younger generation”

876. The fight people have for their own. #family

877. Late work day quiet in the office

878. Taped reminders inside planner covers #hometeam

879. Dancing in the rain, umbrella in hand, and the way laughter shocks a cold heart into beating

880. Warm mountain night lights in the rain

881. Sleeps in new sheets that stay snuggly tucked & waking up in that deep breath joy moment.