1000 Take Two: Muddy Boots

882. Knowing all the songs & the look on all our faces at saying them in unison

883. One whispered word that reminds us we’re friends, the good kind

884. Harry Potter church references

885. First Sunday lunch gatherings with plates full & hearts fuller

886. Seeing the last six years through grace eyes

887. Pew-sitting and song-singing with my two favs – the Jesus-seeking hearts

888. listening to abiding

889. “What we’ve seen, heard, and touched we declare to you so you can have fellowship & to complete our joy.” 1 John

890. A living room full of redneck-dressed & the food in the gathering


891. Seeing a sunset & hearing from the Lord in a split second

892. Equipping. Pouring all out. #IfEquip Day 83

893. Any conversation with Susan Speed, but even those at 6:30am on a January morning

894. Sufficient Grace

895. A photo of the banana pudding waiting for you at 3pm on a Monday

896. Royal weddings, divine comedies, evenings filled with jokes, and the comfort of being with your best friends.


897. The return of Downton Abbey and a mug of warm tea

898. Final episode of Gilmore Girls tears.

899. New homes to ooh & aah over

900. Walking up to the Hawthorn all fancy-dressed and here come those rodeo boys

901. Hot tea, couches, and GG

902. That time Hotlanta got Snapchat & made our days all the more merry & humor-filled

903. French press Jamaican on a Tuesday morning

904. Winning 7 biscuits because my football picks are better than yours

905. A counter too full of breakfast foods for feasting

906. When Amy & I underline the same things for small group

907. Watching baby Pace grow up on Mondays

908. New music Tuesdays & Living Now by Hillsong Young & Free

909. Turning on my research brain mid-afternoon after getting a quote from LIz

910. Days when all you have going for you is your top knot

911. Christine’s new little house, cozy & warm

912. Couch cuddling with Cricket

913. The ease of a 5am wake-up in comparison to 7am. There’s something about that just-before-dawn.

914. Blue guide lines & rulers in Illustrator, aligning it all & filling my joy cup to overflow

915. Finding the fire again

916. Days spent between the couch & the bed — rest.

917. Finding the one car you’re searching for in the parking lot

918. Admitting that loneliness is a real issue to be dealt with, weight lifted.

919. Mid-week TedTalks from Brene Brown and Glennon Melton

920. Breakdown phone calls in the office over someone’s words and how they fit in the most felt way

921. The big square chair in Ginny’s office and the way she has all the right words

922. When the Oreos spill out in an avalanche like they know the day you’re having & how much you need them even though you wouldn’t get that many on purpose, even on the worst day.

923. Friends who know how you fight

924. Cold toes & Rome talks at the 246 – constantly reminded of why this is happening

925. Finishing all the laundry in one day

926. Jacob looking out for me because of my one-dollar — the pure-hearted child

927. Watching three of my favorite littles laugh so long & loud, wrapped in pillowcases and rain boots

928. Couch sitting with Bryan & Callette

929. Baby coos & snuggs – sweet Willow is perfect therapy

930. Panera coffee table dates with Sar & crying over Parenthood

931. Late late phone calls with Decker to debrief

932. The days with warm sunshine that make us ache for spring – coming promises after all this dismal rain.