1000 Take Two: Light of Day

933. Braves banter over a french press

934. The friends that really feel like family so deep down.

935. Watching God bring people together to change a city

936. Being part of something bigger; having something to offer

937. Sprouts of aloe & strawberry bursting forth in slow motion – breathing

938. When God shows you scripture again for the first time.

939. Redefining redemption through abiding.

940. Phone prayers

941. Friends, like Liz, who call you just to be the one who understands & prays expectantly like a faith jolt.

942. Songs that are just good enough for repeat repeat

943. Big hugs from Amy & couch sitting for a night – being close

944. Living in an apartment with no scary bugs

945. the little African children & being there in June

946. Soups in stoneware pots served warm

947. Tuesday morning coffee shared with notes

948. Sunday spoken prayers like I haven’t since Costa – bold & full-hearted

949. Stuffing ourselves with pasta, salad, & garlic knots because life events call for it

950. The symbolism of breaking bread around the table, no matter the table

951. Impromptu hammock pit stops in the last Sunday sunlight

952. A place in a valley to run to in good times & bad

953. The verses that rush out from the deep places

954. Cardigan weather warm & breezy

955. A day of hugging friends at random because wearing jeans makes us normal

956. New albums from Jimmy Needham. May 5, you’re marked.

957. First real prayers with a friend – God does something in those moments. #gamechanger

958. People with the gift of calling out potential in others & propel them into their Kingdom calling

959. Alma mater dinners with Sarah & Josh

960. A Thursday morning filled with the encouragement of someone who sees

961. Cold toes & long talks in the 246 over CFA sandwiches about gifts

962. Lindsey Lynch’s heart & new chair & friendship & skills with the scissors. I so love my friendship with this sweet lady

963. The giddy excitement in my heart over fundraising – seeing God show up

964. Having life spoken over me and confirmation that this.is.good.

965. Morning peppermint tea & evening honey-lemon to soothe

966. Dunkin dates with my sunshine ladies

967. The hope & the knowing that we will always be sisters, no matter the distance.