1000 Take Two: 10 Months In

968. Ninja Turtle faces & headbands, even with the wrong colors


969. When God multiplies in the midst of a need.

970. Worshiping with the dancing & shouting, full-hearted, and the fullness afterward

971. When a ‘gathering” turns into a family

972. Extra quilts on the cold nights

973. Caring hearts, not wanting anyone to slip by unnoticed – a desire to love a community well

974. When Taylor shares her Cheerios on mornings when I’m so over eggs.

975. Being loved through gifted cups of coffee on weekday mornings

976. Saturday morning cappuccinos & coffees with SR.

977. All the people to share Parenthood with

978. Friends who call just to talk,whether in the Ark, Minn., or right here.

979. Technology to live stream things like Chris Caine at Passion Houston


980. Pots full of leftover things: starting-where-you-are soups.


981. Donut holes & surprise visits from the Lands because they’re on my side of town

982. Hot curlers & hairspray

983. The honor of standing with so many of my bests on their wedding day

984. The opportunity to be a co-laborer with Christ.

985. Snapchat encouragement notes

986. Friday nights late on the Mountain with the perfect blue hues

987. Pains deep in calf muscles the morning after all the worship dancing

988. Friends for 20 years, spanning continents & callings. God is faithful.

989. The moment empty sketchbook meets new colored pencils

990. Challenges to create & draw & express

991. Game-changing words: anticipation, advocate, redemption, untamed

992. Drawing close to this life-table opposite the star-breathing, purpose-giving God

993. Sufficient grace & sweet relief, even small, for Kate.

994. “I know who goes before me. I know who stands behind. The God of Angel Armies is always by my side.” 2 Kinds 6:17

995. The heart stirring – I’ve tasted & seen. Nothing less will satisfy.

996.Caramel vanilla tea on a slow night to warm the soul

997. Sunday mornings – everything about them – from first light to final prayer

998. Trust – courage & faith – courage that insist on turning over control to the Creator

999. Feeling the altering of eternity like an earthquake of anticipation #graceeyes

1000. Easy rest in the richness of this little life, no time to worry it out, but all the time to press forward & breathe deep.
Spring is coming.