I had a friend ask me about hope earlier this week: “I’ve been getting revelations on the topic of hope lately, would love to see what you get, too.” she said. I’d asked her for a writing prompt – something to stretch my fingers over and let all the good things pour out – and this little four letter word disappointed me. It’s not something I’m an expert at these days. It’s not something that readily comes to mind. I don’t hope much where I’m at.

But I decided to give it a whirl anyway and I wrote things like this:

Hope is an anchor.

Hope is the one little light in the dense darkness.

Hope conquers fear.

Hope is made up of all the little faith moments.

Hope is invisible.

Hope is just another one of those Bible terms people throw around when they want to sound spiritual and put together in this chaotic world and, if we’re all raw, I’m far from put together. I’m often swept up in the life tornadoes and shaken by the earthquakes life brings. Dig deeper. Earthquakes make your roots dig deeper. Hope is just another one of those things I’m not good at. I’ll add it to the list.

At times, I’m sure the Hebrews felt the same way. They hoped for hundreds of years that God would bring them out of slavery in Egypt. They hoped He would part the Red Sea and the Jordan River. They hoped he would hand over Jericho to them. They hoped he would restore them. And in my heart of hearts, this hope just seems like weak faith – I want to believe you will, but I’m not quite confident in who you are or who I am in you, so I’m just going to stay at the hope level and see if you come through for me. Lord, I know you’re able, but I’m not quite sure you’re willing because it’s just me and I’ve left you before, over and over, so I’m going to reign in any idea that I can stand confidently on this and just hope. Timid faith.

My definition of hope is way off.
Merriam Webster says it this way:

intransitive verb
1 : to cherish a desire with anticipation
2 : trust

transitive verb
1 : to desire with expectation
2 : to expect with confidence : trust

Hope looks to the future and dreams, regardless of current circumstances. Hope trusts that whatever comes next will be even better. Hope is a little light in a dense darkness. Hope is invisible. Hope is also a glimmer. Hope is in the moment when you can’t see past the devastation around you and you’re forced to look up. Hope remembers tasting and seeing the sufficient grace and knows that grace still covers. Hope stands on a sure foundation. Hope ties us to the dock when the waves are sure to throw us into the midst of the muddied ocean. Hope says, I know what I see, and I know you are still good. You will not see your righteous forsaken. You will bring peace. You have overcome. You will lead us. You see me. You have written Your name on my heart. You have called me Beloved. Hope trusts.

Hope begs God to allow this brokenness to rejoice and trusts that He will.


See Helena’s post on hope here: About Hope
I haven’t read it yet, but I’m full of anticipation & expectation that God has revealed His hope through her words as well.

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