Third 1000: Sunny Mornings

1. Extra trips to the Valley on a Sunday for Missy Elliot singalongs & cheese dip & fellowship

2. Draping sweaters that wear warm even after three days

3. Fortune cookie stories & the post-Asian hunger, without fail

4. Co-teaching group with Amy because neither of us would do it alone

5. Sharing Africa with AH – small precious faces, long skirts, and the way mud huts are built

6. Hair that lets you shower + shake + go with little in between fuss

7. News that Harper Lee is releasing a second novel this summer, added to the list

8. Peppermint teabags & boiling hot water on windy cold days

9. Sledgehammers & exposed bricks: one reason to get off my couch on an off day

10. Toasted baguette crumbs all over the coffee table, evidence of the gathering

11. Strawberries & that fruit dip I learned to make in high school

12. Ninja turtle play dates with Malachi post-homework/pre-group

13. Surprise letters from Gramma

14. Lara Casey’s new book & the NTD Lent devotional in my mailbox

15. Plain Lay’s & ketchup

16. Days full of Vitamin D, even though it’s so cold

17. IF:Gathering live streams on a Friday afternoon & evening. One year later.

18. Left over breakfast on a Saturday

19. Windows-down road trips, sun bright, music high

20. Coffee dates with Anne Bruner & all the World Race reminiscing

21. Hammock straps & Nalgenes because spring is coming and it’s time

22. Heated tents for the waiting

23. Stout margs & yelling over the crowds and tacos

24. GPS directions & knowing exactly where we are

25. Not needing a coat, even after dark

26. The two last stools & the way we mosey into conversations about books to be read

27. Too many references to that first visit to the High museum in a week, but laughing so hard

28. Seeing Brooke Fraser in Atlanta once again – incredible show

29. Sleepy Saturday mornings & J Christopher’s to go

30. Wedding chats with Kaf & excitement for August

31. Quaint down towns & main streets

32. Boutique shopping & late lunching in house-turned-restaurant sunshine spots with Decker

33. Making it home in time for a 15 minute nap

34. Little mouse distractions

35. Finding a name for ourselves, the 246, & making plans to laugh

36. One cookie dough brownie left just for me

37. Debrief phone calls with Suz

38. A grateful heart that we’re all on the same page with this

39. Construction consts far less than we’d anticipated

40. The intentionality of removing one layer of plaster at a time

41. Baseball schedules on a Monday morning

42. 3-song EPs from Jimmy Needham #viceandvirtuee

43. Peanuts for breakfast

44. Leaving the house without a coat

45. 30 extra minutes of sleep

46. Decomposed numbers & kindergarten lessons with Reese’s

47. Those moments when doing love is the hardest, but leave the light on

48. 703 prayers

49. Texting prayers & remembering God’s goodness

50. 9pm bedtimes & not feeling bad about it