Third 1000: Hammers & Nails

51. Avocado BLTs & sandwiches on a Monday night

52. Unexpected freebies on a Tuesday morning, thank you, Lord.

53. Those who speak life – encouraging & challenging

54. The divine encounters, because nothing else explains this so well & coincidence isn’t real

55. Phone calls from numbers I don’t know that hold great surprises

56. De-nailing boards all afternoon with Amy Hutchins & Drew & breaking out this photo from Swazi (remember this, Cait?):

57. Laughing, telling stories, swinging boards, flinging nails

58. Just enough oreos, just enough chocolate

59. The good scissors that cut circles cleanly

60. New music from Seryn – Tuesday soundtracks

61. Handmade stamps from Pink Pearls

62. Living in Hobby Lobby’s backyard

63. Loving sandwiches with tomatoes on them #grownup

64. Meetings that end in me writing guest cards again, back where we started, and it’s good.

65. Nail polish that dries quickly in the morning cold

66. Laughing with Zadie in the face of all this pink

67. Sweet notes from Ginny

68. Nested folders

69. Couching words and making that a thing

70. Savoring Wednesday dinners & Madi’s cooking skills. #sunshinegang

71. Warm enough to open the door & let the fresh air breathe on everything

72. Planning adventure visits with friends from far away

73. Mid-afternoon applesauce breaks

74. Late hours rereading letters int he middle of the floor like medicine because I used the box for Valentines

75. Bookmark prayers

76. Walking in & crying because these moments are so sweet, so dear, and how thankful I am we all ended up right back here

77. 5 Ways My Mama Taught Me the Blessings of Healthy Friendships

78. Hex codes & color palettes

79. “We believe that every good and hard and anxious thing can be a grace gift.” – Amy Mitchell

80. Thirty minutes midday quiet for a deep breath & a soul refocus

81. Liz, who makes the best playlists for running (and anything else, really)

82. Running in the super cold with Sar & Madi because #SGrunsa5k

83. Panera dinner dates & warm soups after running

84. New dresses to try on that come in the mail weeks early

85. Stamped reminders sooner than tattoos..
pry our fingers from the earthly//let us love your glory//everything is ours//everything is ours in you 

86. Rolling out of bed, blanket covered, seeking the strong & courageous #Pray703

87. Eagle watching in the office…when there is nothing happening to be watching

88. Finishing a full Nalgene before the end of work #aguaislife

89. Sunshine even in the cold

90. Crying from laughing because ecards on Pinterest & a Friday without a nap

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