Third 1000: Ash Wednesday

91. Quiet nights at the 1210

92. Kayakers on the river to outrun on a Saturday

93. The under-bridges & the lighted paths behind old brick homes

94. Discovering Rome’s hidden nuggets

95. Running & not minding the cold

96. Pockets for chapstick & IDs just in case

97. Shoes light as feathers

98. Venti coffee in gift form from StephMo who worked the window

99. Percolated coffee & finally finding the extension cord

100. Starting “Home” by Julie Andrews
But rewards, when they come, are to render one humble, to bring one to one’s knees with gratitude. 

101. Timely letters from Liz: I can’t wait to see how God brings you into the wilder things. #untamed 

102. A community like Berry that stands in the gap for its people when they desperately need it

103. Romans 8, a world unworthy of them, & the people of the cross #the21

104. Friends who run because God stirred their heart for something greater.

105. When little mouse comes to church & we all sit with our feet up

106. New songs & new scripture to memorize. Psalm 34 // Ever Be

107. Clean sinks & clear mirrors

108. Mama’s Red Raspberry tea midday Monday

109. Sobbing through the last three episodes of Parenthood. #foreverBraverman

110. Bag packed, just in case the Valley freezes

111. A heart sensitive enough to grieve & to feel

112. Chicken & bread, Headbandz Disney style, dinner with my favs, & Malachi eating bread!

113. Laughing with Amy over all the things

114. Opportunities to serve, even if it means pulling an all-nighter (or just prepping that way)

115. The way rain flies at the windshield in lamplight like fireworks

116. Tiny ice pellets bouncing off the road all magic

117. Baby Malachi videos & double-stuf oreos for dessert

118. Letting something tragic change your thought patterns; fire building, refocusing

119. Early morning rescue missions to the I-2 & DarTown with Madi

120. Late-to-work Tuesdays & patches of ice that make stop signs suggestions

121. Navy matte nails, Time Turners, & moccasin boots for powerhouse Tuesdays

122. Letters to write, books of stamps to use

123. Morning snaps from AmyBebe

124. Chicken biscuit breakfasts & picking the fast lane

125. Misnumbering & recounting

126. Talking about Parenthood with people who’ve watched it

127. Fat snowflakes

128. Burning lungs, cold runs, giving up slowly

129. Panera soup on the coffee table & baguette crumbs everywhere

130. Evenings with Downton

131. “that ‘f’ means FOREVER”

132. Old school classic country & knowing all the words

133. Left shark/Right shark Facebook messages from Britt, my favorite ranch lover

134. Discovering new bands like Bootstraps

135. Learning to follow

When we think of self denial we often think of sacrifice – and it is – but we tend to think it’s in tandem with our own effort: I am choosing to crucify myself, my desires, and my agenda. I am stripping things away to prove my dedication to Jesus.”

But who can crucify themselves? As soon as we nail in one hand, our effort shows its folly.

It is something that must be done to us.    

-Christine Hoover #NTDLent