Third 1000: Best Shark

136. Putting boxes in front of doors for fun. #officelife

137. If:Equip videos on a Friday afternoon during audits. Like this one: Day 40 – John 16:16-24

138. Days full of puzzles

139. Saturday runs, accomplished

140. Opening the black beans to make a true Nica brekky

141. Driving by the church (it’s so close) and stopping to see some of my favorite family #the246

142. Twinning

143. Church work with Suz – powerful good memories working hard with her

144. Coffee dates at Swinch: everyone walks in and they give out free hugs

145. Circling the high-numbered blocks for parking on Broad

146. The armchair under the flag screaming patriotic

147. Sitting close to strangers; watching Mark pull shots of espresso

148. Starbucks corners & having the hard conversations, even when there’s rain

149. Sunday mornings on the wrong side of the sanctuary that turn into afternoons full

150. Carrying, cleaning, boxing, trashing, taping, screaming, & moving everything

151. Realizing mid-move that I’m home and don’t mind the post-service. No leashes required.

152. Jokes about ranch & tapioca. Love my sister, Britt.

153. Each heartbeat in this little community

154. Little Oscar parties

155. Not a dry eye at Gaga’s tribute to Sound of Music & Julie walking on stage. Be still my heart.

156. Post-it notes thrown & days full of laughter

157. Soup nights with plenty of leftovers

158. Heart talks on couches; moved to tears at the need & the desire to make much of God

159. My little family here, ebb & flow as it might. Mishpochah.

160. Getaway skills like changing outfits mid-drive

161. How there always seems to be enough filled jars. Provision

162. Homemade dinners

163. Fat snowflakes falling fast

164. Watching it all fall & remembering He came like this – soft & slow – to redeem and reconcile

165. Games full of ping-pong balls in the office

166. Quiet drives to Cedartown

167. Pausing life mid-snow for a Harry Potter marathon

168. Friends who remember the monumental moments with prayer

169. Walking Liz through the end of Gilmore Girls

170. The Sunshine Gang around my table

171. Impromptu 45 minute coffee dates with Madi followed by capps & reading

172. Researching, strategizing, & finding deeply-rooted passions

173. Planning morning breaks long overdue with sweet friends

174. Ballpoint pens for days when felt-tips & inky pens just aren’t cutting it.

175. That time we bought Opening Day tickets

176. 50 years of my favorite movie ever

177. Cards to write, back to the beginning, a very good place to start

178. Closed doors, because He intends all things for good

179. Prayers before my mind clouds the words of my heart

180. Snow-capped pines

181. Melting snow that beats the same rhythm as rain

182. Favorite Shirt Friday at the office, even if it’s just me

183. Conversations in front of the fireplace with like-hearted Romans. Greater things are still to be done in this city.

184. Opportunities to address boards of people who want to invest in this place

185. Phone calls with Decker because they rarely last less than an hour

186. Coffee shop creepin’ & “Feel That Out”

187. Nail polish dried in a wrinkle like a messed blanket

188. 3 coats, 1/4 tank, full pantry, & $20: Enough to be blessed beyond measure.

189. Worn-in Converse & exactly where they came from

190. Clothes with stories & prayers for each of those communities

191. Sharing my Race with new people, heart leaping from chest

192. Short convos, heart-filled, that end in hugs & new friends. Rome is good.

193. The sounds of shuffling cards, dealt cards.

194. Finding the perfect dress for Kaf’s wedding.

195. Kids who invite other kids to college youth groups in coffee shops

196. Front desk lunches & people who just want to see the eagles

197. Arm chairs to sit sideways in

198. Short hair cuts & “Why did you ever have your hair long?!”

199. Ginny’s sense of humor

200. Splurging on caramellas & hours of listing

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