Third 1000: Tank Tops & Tennis Shoes

201. Dinner with the blondes. Thankful for these sisters.

The Blondes

202. Waking up way too early to hear birds singing. Spring is coming.

203. Coffee pit stops with Suz after the hard work (and because we don’t have bathrooms at the 246 yet)

204. Sanding pews, pulling out nails, and dirty work

205. Oil changes & car washes to fill Saturdays

206. Small church, just the few of us, & knowing everyone in the room for once

207. Tex, small town watering holes, & not being *quite* country enough

208. Tuesday music dance parties because the weather is so terrible

209. Scavenger hunts where we win because we are overly competitive

210. Sharing umbrellas with Ginny & flying to Possum Trot with Abbot & Costello in the back

211. New Moleskins for special meetings

212. Warm sunshine days & long drives, windows down

213. Downton finale, full of heart swells

214. Rhythms before bed: tea, vitamins, counting, the good stuff

215. Rhythms in the waking

216. Spring training starts & the smells of warm spring

217. Tune changes all of a sudden, anticipating

218. Email conversations full of Parks & Rec memes that have us guffawing

219. Buzz words: reconciliation, forgiveness, redemption. 2 Cor. 7:12 #SRTLent


220. Messy rainy reminders: “God came to this sod. We aren’t alone in this mess.” –Ann

221. My first Berry shirt well-worn, well-traveled, still my favorite

222. Hours texting emojis to Malachi across the living room

223. Dinners at Sar’s with risotto – “something not mexican”

224. That one time someone called Amy & I mother & daughter

225. Family dinners & meeting new people who love Africa & Jesus

226. Madison finally getting to Africa, after years of prayer. God’s timing

227. Coffee with Julie – the best convos. Thankful for this sister and her adventurous heart & wisdom

228. Two hour meetings with Paul & Drew – progress, forward motion, Jesus

229. Seeing Britt at CFA #bestshark

230. ZBB afternoons at Swinch

231. Helium Videos, Judy Garland, Chucky, & laughing until you fart

232. A day warm for wearing shorts

233. Two mile runs straight, never chase that, with Sar, learning Rome

234. Running inclines because flats are boring

235. Repping Church in a bar all day #throwbacksohard

236. 30 minutes in my hammock & Chacos, even with wild wind

237. Thrown together soups & a whole avocado by myself

238. Sunday matinees in heels & dresses

239. Steak-n-Shake dressed to the nines

240. People watching & never actually getting to the bathroom

241. Suz’s face first seeing the Fox. It was love

242. The little David stars tucked here & there, decorative to most, but a covering

243. The expansive sky, blue & breathtaking, old rugs hanging nearby

244. Finally seeing Wicked, 12 years in the making, dream come true


245. Music & movement moving me to tears. Sometimes words don’t cut as deep

246. A new starter for Sandy with little work on my part & tons of gratitude for great friends

247. When Sandy cranks on first try

248. Small tables, late margs, that kid that got engaged at Mexican, & family stories

249. Early evening naps with soup bowls close

250. Laundry done in a day

251. New songs like Spirit of the Living God & 45Seconds (you really have to hear both of these)

252. Finally finishing The Circle Maker

253. Sar’s hilarious jokes that have us all in tears laughing

254. Chocolate chip cookies because Malachi can have eggs

255. Almost convincing Amy to run a 5k!!

“By Grace, today I will fast from idolizing my agenda instead of interrupting my agenda because I love Your ways more than mine. Today I will thank God for every interruption of my list – as I’ll see it as a manifestation of my Lord. We repent for not loving the unexpected, the unlikely, the marginalized when You told us that it’s in the margins You write the greatest Words.” – Ann Voskamp

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