Third 1000: Spring

256. Waking up to the birds

257. When the power goes out at work & we go to Schroeder’s for lunch

258. Life insurance discussions over cheesy fries

259. An extra quarter to make it a large coffee

260. Looking back six months & how far life has come

261. Healthy boundaries, banquet analogies, and a seat at the table

262. Hours of coffee talks with my sweet EmBucket – it’s like no time has passed

263. Splurging on a caramella & loving every bit of it

264. Eating leftovers from whatever Taylor cooks instead of my own

265. After work running in circles around Rome

266. Seeing everything at the 246 in transformation

267. Post office runs early in the morning

268. Doing adult things in cowgirl boots

269. Green thumbs from brown dirt & growth: strawberries & aloe

270. Little boxes of sweet treats straight from Indiana besties like Abby Twarek

271. Senses alive from counting — aware, able to see & hear even the little things

272. Table sitting with Theta Shank. We were instant friends, kindred hearts.

273. God’s pattern of quick transitions in my life

274. Casual interviews & talking mission trips

275. Seasons of stretching & growth

276. Home fresh local honey & theatre shows watching Mo & Co do their thing

277. Surprise dinners with Kaf & Alex

278. Walking around Rome with Lydia in the rain & meeting cool people who renovate houses

279. Warm enough for long walks with Suz & Eve, & all of Rome, too

280. Waiting on the trunk in shorts & tanks

281. Family sunshine days — everyone comes out to enjoy it all

282. Shaded swings for talking

283. Bella Roma staff dinners & all the pasta

284. Running out of the car just to say I got the job

285. Texts from Madi in South Africa

286. Trying to buy wine too early on a Sunday & getting denied (and a friend simultaneously doing the same thing across town)

287. Small church full of faces, new & old

288. Sundays with the kids

289. An MRI for sweet Kate that reveals God’s faithfulness to His children one more time

290. Turning in a two weeks notice & prepping for a new season

291. Outside lunches in the sunshine & taking the long way back

292. Small group outside with baseball gloves & playing catch

293. Heckling from the steps with Baby Pace

294. The after party stolen by Langley Jo

295. Tuesday night baseball with Susan Speed – learning all the adult life things

296. The first baseball game of the season: perfect weather & a win.

297. Being in on the adult conversations

298. Pit stops at Christine’s full of normal life things & staying up too late

299. Zaxby’s for lunch on the fly

300. Road trip phone calls with Kyndal about those times when God moves your heart

301. Brinner & catching up around the table on all the life moments

302. Homemade biscuits

303. Walking with big umbrellas in misty rain

304. Being the realist instead of the cynic

305. Taking the route you’ve never traveled & seeing new towns

306. Quiet nights, fresh cookies, great friends, gypsy weddings

307. Drawing small circles in these communities of mine

308. Tree-filled window views of rushing river waters, steady & continuous

309. Sounds of bacon first hitting the cast iron

310. Exploring all the Atlanta places with Decker

311. Zebra stripes from visits to Sephora. Lizzie would be so proud

312. Waiters who seem high, but Mexican food so good you don’t need dinner

313. Watching hb. do her thing — as a real life author. so exciting to support friends in their dreams.

314. New red lips for the occasion

315. Meeting Carrie for the first time, but feeling like we’ve been friends in real life for a while. #twittercometolife

316. Big hugs & remembering how this all started on the mountain & now we’re both doing big things

317. Naps that take too long with river water sounds in the background lulling

318. Hipster watering holes & hangouts where we meet the cool kids

319. Racing the sun home on a Saturday morning

320. Days when the only talking is with the people in the CFA drive-thru. Silent Saturdays are golden.

321. Standing room only & you have to greet people you might not know

322. Sandwich dinners with Cheetos & sweet tea

323. Sticky hands from playing bubbles with the bebes & back porch sitting

324. Knowing where the blankets are when it’s cold

325. Shirt ordering & one step closer to a new job

326. Clean Bandit afternoons with open windows

327. Diving ducklings

328. News that I’ll get through wedding season just in time to be an auntie. 🙂

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