Third 1000: Transition

329. Busy final day at WinShape, including long talks about foster are & welcoming groups of sweet ladies

330. A day spent in design-mode & learning all the new things at a new job

331. Thursday night baseball games & watching them win. Baseball is love.

332. Friday nights falling asleep

333. Planting.

334. Car problems that aren’t detrimental & getting Sandy fixed quick

335. Hanging burlap & having extra nails

336. Catching up over coffee & watching light change

337. Throwing back to Ramen & Grey’s Anatomy season one

338. Coffee stains that look like semi colons

339. Sunday mornings when our collective voices are louder than the music.

340. Sitting Sunday between Taylor & Suz

341. Britt walking in with strawberry cobbler – like a potluck family. This community is so rich.

342. Hearing whispered prayers in tongues behind me & knowing that’s a kindred heart

343. Meeting new people on Sunday mornings

344. Sunday lunch downtown

345. Spring cleaning fever & reminders that excess is silly

346. Clean sheets just before bed

347. Couches that whole groups can lounge on

348. Day two of work & cracking jokes

349. Subtle encouragers unexpected. Thank you, Lord

350. A full day’s meals discussing how God’s moving here

351. Any dessert Amy makes, but especially the ones on a whim

352. Fangirling on accident over Sam Hunt

353. The little moments when ope spills out in someone’s words

354. Consistent reminders to redefine success & failure on an eternal scale

355. Community that picks you up when your car stops carrying you

356. Reminiscing on old trucks, RVs, & taking all the chairs out – how far we’ve come

357. Ballpoint pens that write so smooth

358. Realizing after night falls that I forgot to check the mail…and it’s okay

359. T-shirts that hold memories of conversations with friends and strangers and baseball games

360. Friends held close, weekly dinners, & the reality that they’re still my people. Little groups of trees that will not be shaken in the storm

361. The week of Passover & the weight of remembering the cost of redemption

362. Porch hammocking – why didn’t I do this a year ago?

363. Walking to church for lunch

364. New shoes just in time for spring – not needed, but appreciated

365. Friends who cook when I’m too exhausted to lift a spatula

366. Hugs when you need them

367. Sam Hunt mornings

368. Talking fonts & kerning

369. Phone calls not planned ahead of time just to see how you’re doing.

370. My friend, Hannah, whose friendship continually reminds me of redemption and that God still speaks

371. The coming of spring, the return of robins – that spring even dares come – miracles happening

372. 1 Corinthians 11:23 & the very fact that He gave thanks first

373. The calls & texts mid-transition when I need them most.

374. One full week into this new work life

375. Sweet Saturdays with Callette & Bryan, reminders to risk it all for God and not take things so seriously

376. Friday morning pour overs

377. Porch-sitting in the rain

378. Pizzas too big for us to finish

379. Outside worship with all the community

380. Familiar faces & ones to get to know – this feels like family

381. Seeing Rach for the first time in forever

382. All the little things friends laugh about

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