Come June

It has been one year, eight months, and 13 days since I returned from the World Race. I can’t even believe it. Twenty solid months full of transition, growth, and change.

After you experience the world in the way that I did while on the Race, through cultural learning, service, and sharing the Gospel, it is impossible to remain unchanged and, honestly, hard to remain in one place for very long. I do believe God has called me specifically to Rome with great purpose, but I also feel a deep tug on my heart to travel abroad and partner with other ministries and cultures, both to learn more about God in my life, but also to serve others. I believe that in immersing yourself in another culture, you are forced to depend on the Lord and your eyes are forever opened, heart sensitive, to exactly who He is and all He is doing in this world. It has also opened my eyes to just how many brothers and sisters I have, no matter where I go, and the importance of our calling to carry the Name of God to those in need.

As I mentioned in February, I’m taking a trip to Uganda this summer for ten days (June 15-25) with several ladies from my church. We are partnering with Helping Hands Foreign Missions, based out of Gainesville, GA. They have begun construction on a self-sustaining village called the Village of Eden, which will house 800 orphans and will include a school, sports complex, medical clinic, and so much more. While there, we will spend most of our time with the local children playing games, teaching lessons, and assisting with a day camp on Saturday that averages around 1500 kids.

I’m excited to begin building a relationship with the people at the Village of Eden and for our church, Connect Rome, to partner with them in the coming years, but also, selfishly, for me to have somewhere to go and invest and see God moving globally. Of course, this trip comes at a cost. The total is $3,000 per person (most of that being the plane ticket). I am currently about halfway there, so if you’re interested in giving, keep reading.

Most importantly, we need your prayers. There are several ladies going with us who have never traveled outside the United States. Please pray God stills their anxieties about leaving family and walking into the unknown. Also, pray for God’s purpose to be fulfilled in our time there – both through us and through our Ugandan friends. And pray for this ministry – the Village of Eden – and the communities it will impact for the Kingdom.

I am forever grateful for each of you. Thank you for your love and support.

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