Third 1000: 40 Rain

383. Hopscotch in the middle of it all

384. Rolled down windows & slow drive-bys because it’s Jesus we sing for

385. Laughing at funny Twitter feeds on the porch

386. All the emojis from Malachi mid-morning

387. Getting to know new people

388. Cowboy boots that fit just right

389. First spring weekend in shorts & dresses, not pants one time

390. Standing in a back corner on Sunday morning, close to the coffee

391. Movie star sunglasses

392. People who love you just the way you are

393. Salvation not dependent on the Braves (-AKJ)

394. Winter clothes put away. Bring on the spring.

395. Daffodils lining the road, blurring yellow

396. Easter meals on the porch with sweet friends

397. Afternoon naps in the sun

398. The leftover cheesecake filling

399. Patience in melting chocolate

400. Floppy hats for reading without a glare

401. Loud Mondays & finding a place on the couch

402. The way Malachi puts on a show for his girls

403. This mismatched family of ours

404. Selfies on the way out the door

405. This faith journey & hearing Amy say it out loud. God will still move.

406. Concentric circles

407. Dinners rushed, but the joy of the kitchen & Acts 246 above us

408. Work nicknames

409. Grace for mistakes

410. Making people laugh

411. Phone calls with friends

412. Letters from Indiana

413. Learning that pitas are crummy & wet napkins seal envelopes #brandison15

414. Hair dates with Linds – just the right amount of laughing & being serious

415. Linds knows my wedding schedule & tells me when I’ll need a trim

416. Spaghetti leftover because it tastes better that way

417. Just enough for a ponytail when hairdryers break mid-morning

418. Looking through frustration to see painted skies – He is faithful

419. Long lunches & visits with Bell & Ton

420. Pranks and turning someone’s world upside down

421. The energy in a smile

422. Soft shirts

423. Rain when everything has turned yellow

424. Watching plants grow

425. The next day when the tomb is still empty

426. How the world smells when baseball season has started

427. Three times cut in the workplace already

428. Spending days designing

429. Tuesdays that, a year later, still hold my biggest struggles to be an adult

430. Little nuggets from hb’s book that speak my heart

431. Haircuts during lunch & the perfect midday sabbath

432. Stamping letters

433. Red hats

434. Learning that kiwi is a superfruit around Madi’s table

435. New raincoats just in time

436. Atlanta drives & catching up

437. Marta adventures, trees down, river puddles, & Mister New York

438. Welling up with tears at Hank Aaron & 50 years of the Atlanta Braves – one of the coolest experiences of my life

439. Footlongs & souvenier cups because it’s baseball

440. My first Home Opener – perfect seats & the greatest pals

441. Crammed on Marta buses like this is China, laughing

442. All the pirate coins Marta gifts instead of paper bills

443. Balancing & surfing in the stop & go

444. Late night conversations ending in sleep

445. Grits & mimosas

446. Remembering why we’re friends

447. Olive Garden to go that lasts three meals

448. Netflix Saturdays when footlongs prove you wrong.

449. Sunday morning biscuits & coffee

450. Braves streaming

451. Phone calls with dad about baseball

452. Dropping things off at Goodwill – getting rid of excess

453. Morning routines perfected

454. Lunch at the same round table with the same two bros

455. Making friends with strangers

456. Learning to be strong

457. Running into people I know at the grocery store like this is home

458. The pillows on the couch at small group because they’re perfect

459. Guac & banana pudding in the same night – worth the wait

460. Extras for taking home

461. Convincing Amy to run a 5k thanks to Linds – September 19, here we come!

462. Everything about hanging out with the Lynchs

463. Curing irons & hairspray

464. Letter writing that takes away anxiety. More stamps. More envelopes

465. Rehashing Sundays for social media & learning even more the second time

466. When God hides his heart in words. COMMON UNITY… community <– still can’t believe this.

467. Perfect songs that continue to speak

468. Quiet lunches at the church

469. When rain clears the roads

470. Pizza, beer, pals, & pups – exactly what I needed

471. Learning to say thank you in the moment

472. Friendships that last beyond the workplace

473. Crooked tank tops, cowboy boots, & seersucker shorts – a hot mess that’s us

474. Wind before the storm

475. Late baseball games to lull me to sleep

3 thoughts on “Third 1000: 40 Rain

  1. Barbara Harrell says:

    Liked one day you will write a book. Don’t know what the name of it will be. Maybe, Daily Adventures and Learning to Live daily in My World.

  2. littlelionbeth says:

    Thanks, friend! It’s based off of Ann Voskamp’s “1000 Gifts” – this is my third list of 1000 little gratitude moments and it’s completely changed the way I look at life. Do read her book, but just start counting the little things. It will make your heart soar. 🙂

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