Third 1000: Ninja Strong

476. Rain for keeping the pollen away

477. Praying for an aloe plant

478. Ashley Pugh, who showed up with umbrella & encouragement because she knew.

479. Friends with extra cars to borrow when mine is just gone

480. Polite people you meet in the street

481. Sunglasses in the rain

482. Blurred signatures & wet papers

483. Babies who talk to each other across restaurants

484. Friends who wait on you

485. Swiffers & Clorox wipes

486. Red lipstick just because & making Lizzie proud

487. Realizing, even after months, that people make unmistakable impressions that you can’t erase

488. Gifts held on to for almost a full year

489. Notes on the mirror

490. Helping friends find new jobs

491. New Sunday spaces

492. Humility in the few coins

493. Wine glasses & glasses of wine

494. New cards for writing letters

495. Small table, folding chairs; a place for lunch

496. Learning to deal with insurance & police reports

497. Birthday celebrations at our favorite little watering hole

498. My at how we’ve grown together and apart

499. When people just decide to be new friends

500. Gift-prep work & finding the perfect pieces to celebrate someone

501. Meeting friends in store parking lots on semi-accident after long work days

502. Connecting friend circles on Etsy because of adoption

503. My friends with huge dreams that don’t give up

504. Buying children’s books for grown friends

505. This new job that I love and all the people

506. Curtains that sway

507. Stepping into a little sunshine

508. The month of May, ready to burst at the seams.

509. Quick phone convos because I’m learning that’s what friends do

510. Braves wins on a Sunday

511. Texts from Ceena all day (followed by phone calls for catching up bullet-list style)

512. Spur of the moment sleepovers, even when all we do is sleep

513. Sundays from the very back

514. Christy Nockels’ new album & texts from Nan.

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