Third 1000: Let’s Be Still

515. Birthday cake ice cream

516. Chasing sunsets with the best friends

517. Amelia’s first adventure on the back roads & mountains

518. Being the one in the driver’s seat – the very joy in driving around my best pals

519. Simple sandwich lunches

520. Buying a new car & taking it straight to small group because home team

521. Quick trips home to see all the family

522. Lindsey Lynch’s heart, Shane & Shane, and John Piper all in a lunch break

523. Humidity-lifting breezes

524. Breakfast buffets & babies from church

525. Sitting close on the couch

526. New adventures with Ethan Frome

527. Waking up without a stomach ache for the first time since March because new mercies 

528. Old blog posts and Shane & Shane songs for this time & season

529. Baseball in the background

530. Phone calls about first homers

531. The anthems of life that make you stop and savor.

532. Genuine laughter.