Third 1000: More Dreams Than Sleep

543 through 691 = Africa, from red dirt roads to gentle spirits to small hands to high voices to whoever decided to make these paths we walked. Africa. So much of my heart is still wrapped up in those little gratitude moments that I’m holding them hostage. I don’t want them to lose their richness. I want to savor them right here in this little notebook of mine, so:

692. Ice cream & pringles at 3am

693. Snapchat conversations in the wee hours

694. Telling all the stories over and over again

695. New books at Barnes & Noble

696. Friday fireworks in the backyard

697. Cooking dinner for one of my favorite families

698. Meeting new littles

699. Tanks with stars & stripes to wear on holiday weekends

700. Ouida Dickey at Publix mid-Monday like Berry Royalty

701. Talking Africa with the cashier

702. Jello & cool whip

703. Finally making it out of the jet lag fog and sleeping until 5:30

704. Waking up early enough for sunrise coffee & biscuits

705. Late nights researching Uganda’s history

706. Getting to be the strong one instead of the one who’s always weepy

707. Mondays where we laugh to tears

708. The Color of Grace by Bethany Haley Williams

709. Crayola Crayons

710. Prayers from 4 year olds

711. Dinner prep on Amy’s kitchen counters

712. Addressed envelopes waiting patiently

713. Hearing cicadas when the power goes out

714. Hope mugs & Uganda coffee on Saturdays because there are 1500 with voices high and hands wrapped around my heart

715. 7am sitting in the trunk overlooking this city searching for a Word

716. Sparklers in the eyes of those who see the most light

717.Sitting in the dark way too late laughing at the little moments clouded by bug spray & sunscreen

718. The way friendship works

719. All this talk of tapestries and how we’re so woven

720. Messages from Uganda

721. Days for elephant pants and Esangalo shirts

722. Telling them – this tribe – that you left your heart there… and then they rally because they know your heart

723. Dreaming of moving right into the mess of grace

724. Water that never stops running, even if it runs cold

725. Worn out tie-dye shirts

726. The way it feels to feel alive

727. Tender fingers from guitar frets and barre chords

728. BBQ sandwiches & pickles straight from the jar

729. A hot car after hours in air conditioning with tense muscles

730. Nights when a sheet’s enough

731. Waking up and counting the hours, plus seven

732. Phone calls because text messages just won’t do

733. Sweet friends who read these words

734. long sleeve t-shirts

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