Third 1000: July Heat

735. Days in bed & phone calls to give you perspective

736. McAllister’s sweet tea in cups too large to finish

737. Road trips to concert scenes with Decker. #hotlanta

738. Wise friends who ask questions that make you dig deep

739. New quilts that bring it all together

740. Random twitter conversations about how mission work changes you

741. Jean jackets and cowboy boots

742. Off-day ink drawings

743. Lemonade stands with a purpose

744. Any kind of life done with the Hollingsworths

745. Impromptu lunches with CKC

746. When God brings me back to the Passover table on a hot July day

747. Chapati successes & elephant pant Mondays

748. Buying plane tickets

749. Coffee shop conversations with Lowry & Austen

750. Falling asleep with wet hair and waking up to a lion’s mane

751. When God does math – it always works out so well. It all adds up.

752. Wednesday rain showers and soup

753. Visits from old mountain friends

754. Jean jackets and black jeans – Poster child for Levi’s

755. Long conversations late into the night about the Biblical things

756. Catch up phone calls with Helena about ministry & God’s heart

757. Every flavor in a Dr. Pepper

758. Slivers of light rays through gaps in the curtains

759. The beam of a flashlight in the intensity of a thousand suns -mb

760. Snapchat because I get to talk to Liz ALL DAY

761. Pulling my sari out because Minnesota is next week!

762. When tape sticks

763. Knowing how to help

764. Two people asking about this lion heart in one day.

765. Messages with JL and the way God knits hearts together over a lunch table

766. New leaves on this strawberry plant. Not dead yet.

767. Mexican with Amy.

768. Talking and just being – when it’s not a show. It’s just real.

769. That hoodlum child across the restaurant

770. Finishing pages of questions

771. Spur of the moment plans with Becca & Deb!

772. Illustrations in children’s books and muted colors

773. Internal clocks for when my phone dies in the middle of the night

774. How familiar the roads are from Rome to the Appalachians

775. When my gps changes its mind because God wanted me to see this wild height

776. Waterfall hikes with Becca & Deb

777. Every awkward “can you take a picture of us” that didn’t happen

778. Shaky knees, broke legs, jello

779. 175 strenuous steps to see water

780. Reminders that His love is the ocean. We are the rocks, smoothed over time. Stepping stones.

781. Isaiah 58 again and again and again

782. How we make metaphors because we just can’t explain God or understand Him.

783. Ice cream twice in a day

784. Memorizing songs with windows rolled down

785. Two page letters asking for permission to gather.

786. Snaps with Mo Vaughn & the balley of deaf

787. The way mountains look all covered in green blankets

788. Thick paper that holds watercolor drawings of little sailboats.