Third 1000: Dog Days of Summer

789. Morning jam biscuits

790. Songs about Yahweh

791. Leftover casserole

792. Banana pudding Mondays

793. Five hours & never feeling unwelcome

794. All the iFam photos taking over facebook because Ceena’s wedding

795. Timehop days when I just see God’s goodness in it all, year after year

796. Finishing books on Wednesdays

797. Conversations with Ali – banquet tables, planted hearts, & kindred in God’s heart

798. Waking up with “be near oh God, be near oh God of us. Your presence is to us our good”

799. Meeting Madison in the middle for dinner

800. Last minute “SHE WANTS DESSERT!” bread pudding & sweet gravy

801. The amount of belly laughs when the sunshine gang is together

802. Brainstorming discipleship & potential housemates with Heather

803. Submitting Uganda forms – giving it all to Jesus and letting Him move

804. The skip in my heart and pause in my step when they called for Amsterdam

805. Taking off when the skies are that perfect blue

806. Unexpected window seats & room to nap

807. The time we watched the safety video twice on Delta because weather and good flight attendants

808. How much I can’t understand how planes even fly

809. Runway lights at night like star shows and fireworks

810. Cool Minnesota night air that knows no humidity

811. Early breakfast & coffee that burns your tongue

812. Sharing waffles with Cait

813. The hugs you get when you see someone for the first time in two years

814. Curls that hold

815. Cafe lunch sandwiches & the selfie stick

816. Piling into one tiny car with four of my favorite ladies

817. Getting lost in the middle of nowhere MN & almost being late – typical

818. Skies so big & blue you could touch heaven like this one other place I know

819. Walking off the plane & counting forward 8

820. Being awake late enough to hear from 8 hours ahead

821. Shattered phone screens days before a new one

822. Wedding programs like church fans & singing hymns

823. Telling my little piece of this squad about Uganda

824. Blue moons making waves in 1/1,000 lakes

825. Table conversations with Aunt Barb

826. Talking about the Race with Caith Jonny, Ben, & Rich to Aunt Barb & people who wanted to hear..and seeing how God moved so big in us

827. Rich’s Bible on the kitchen table – somethings are like beating hearts and rising suns: they stay the same

828. Windows down after dark, dodging trains

829. Hunkered down in a hotel room, all nine, talking like no time had passed

830. Making jokes about team time

831. Driving into the sun

832. four dollar phone cases that are just right, little provisions

833. Tripping up the stairs on a Friday

834. Eyelid mosquito bites in the parking lot

835. Room to sit with the back open #AmeliathePilot

836. That one couch in Swinch with Em & how our hearts are still connected

837. When God burden’s another’s heart for you. When He knits your hearts close

838. Parking lot sunsets

839. That one Hillsong album, Aftermath, that still holds all the feels

840. Laughter that bends you at the knees & somehow heals the wounds

841. Phone calls with Lizzie – the muddy things & the lighthearted things

842. So many snapchats on a Friday night

843. Making emojis life-sized with Morgan

844. Morning walks

845. Phones that take panorama photos

846. Olive Garden to go & gallons of sweet tea

847. Rock towers mid-stream

848. Counting rock skips

849. Playing in little creeks with Malachi for hours

850. People who drag chairs into the middle for tanning

851. Friends to hang out with on Sunday afternoons

852. Floods of calls, texts, & snaps on a Monday when life hands you a whole bunch of change

853. Self-control & deep breaths

854. The way God handles the hard & holy things

855. The ones who show up to keep you from sitting alone in your mess

856. New lunch spots with CK & seeing Susan

857. Small group–the one place that always feels like home

858. Tight hugs & reminders that there’s something better out there

859. Early morning Swinch with Josh & true cappuccinos

860. Quick rips through new adult things

861. Phone calls with strangers about how God is in control of all the things

862. Lunch dates with Donna & all the free pie a Wednesday can hold

863. Afternoon hikes & hammock naps

864. Copperhead surprises sunning mid-day

865. Breezes that sound lke rain in the trees

866. Selling things – excess things – and seeing God move

867. Resume building & morning coffee in the kids space

868. Lunch stops at the Lands’

869. God encounters months ago that bloom & grow into opportunities

870. Mailing things on Wednesdays because the lines aren’t long

871. BBQ shared & managing to fix the internet

872. The first hot cocoa of the season that burns on the back of your throat