Third 1000: Cliff Diving

873. Friday night at the Ted with Sarah, celebrating Smoltzy

874. Running into Britt & Caitlin like old times

875. First fireworks & the same awe

876. Parking on 411 & dozing into the wee hours waiting on a wreck

877. Waking up with the sun

878. Elephant pants like wearing pajamas

879. Four hours in the backseat with Malachi

880. Walking into all the Ugandan things & the tight hugs

881. Twinning with Becs & Debra #elephant pants

882. Selfies with my girls — reminiscing and looking forward

883. Hearts so similar to mine with all these feels

884. All the “so I heard you’re going back” and “God’s clearing the path” comments. People to believe with.

885. Familiar faces from just two months ago

886. Friends who sacrifice good seats to sit with you

887. Amy’s face when they said “we’ll get you a ticket for Wednesday”

888. “I watched her fall in love with Uganda”

889. Watching Sandlot on the way home

890. An extra bed

891. Talking through how it seems God is literally ordaining this & friends who ask the questions

892. Off days with space for coffee dates

893. Living room workouts that kick total butt

894. Finding little mirages mid-3 miles that look like this African oasis I know

895. Quiet nights & quiet days

896. Vacuuming & cleaning

897. Midday rain that pours and pours

898. Podcasts worth laughing about

899. When hair does the right things & nothing fits at the store

900. Tall grass that tickles your ankles

901. “Smoke follows beauty, baby” out of the mouths of babes

902. Long looks and eyes that smile

903. Kenyan coffee that starts off tasting like blueberries

904. Friends like Decker

905. Quiet days full of thinking & Netflix

906. One last late night in the Valley

907. A bag of quarters from a gumball machine #fundraising

908. Talking babies, Duke’s, & Coke with Linds

909. Watching babies grow Monday after Monday

910. Seasons of change that rip away comfort and demand real eyes to appreciate it all

911. Grilled burgers & burnt hotdogs

912. The music of pouring pounding raindrops on the windshield in the dark

913. Chipped mugs nestled by many hands

914. Memories on a rock because no one would think of that

915. The unending joy noises of so many kids living life in confident breaths

916. Storefront windows mirroring life’s little drivebys

917. Sneaking late-night pumpkin tea mid-August for the love of fall

918. Eiseley songs from Liz that are the perfect melody

919. Bubbles & tire swings & backyard home runs

920. Front window offices & quick job turnarounds

921. Off day coffee meetings like normal

922. Mornings that beg for sweaters, but we say no because the crisp cool is relief to this tired skin

923. Tuesdays when the gate’s open

924. All the trendy things in Decatur like the Whisonants, KSM, beer, & friends

925. Chocolate from Bolivia that obviously reminds me of Uganda – obviously

926. Days for hammocking

927. Birthdays & Mexican dinner dates, hats, & birthday songs

928. People to celebrate so big on their birthdays, like Amy, because everyone needs a Molly Weasley in their life

929. Paying for life in quarters

930. Community that won’t see you fall or fail or lost or alone

931. Wind like ocean waves

932. Falling asleep with letters in my head to the people that make this life so rich