Third 1000: Final Countdown

933. Sunset adventures on that holy ground with Sar on a whim and coffee way too late

934. Deep breaths of air full of God’s presence that washes through every fiber like real peace

935. Yellowy lights shimmering against deep navy skies

936. Quick tweets with Jennie Kerns & reminders that it’s okay to not be okay some days

937. Late night chats with Heather about all the things. Timely friendships

938. Navy Atlanta Braves hats – classic & quintessential

939. Lost voicemails from Decker with no missed call

940. The way our tribe drops it all to help the Burnetts move.

941. The mundane moments with your best friend – these are the ones where hearts are hidden

942. When your heart feels sure to burst FOR THE LOVE

943. Ink stains on the carpet

944. Liz’s little home – finally! Perfect timing like God always does

945. A sword in my front seat “just in case”

946. A little Beth sandwich thanks to Suz & Sar

947. Finding songs about His lionheart alive in me

948. Skipping lunch for the sake of homemade from scratch cupcakes

949. Leaving cabinets open on accident

950. When Liz & I realized we’re all Voldy because our hearts are horcruxes – we leave pieces of them everywhere

951. Reunions in the mountains

952. Houses made of logs deep in the trees down winding roads

953. That one hilltop where you see the Smokeys and it takes your breath away

954. Wood arbors & Mountain backdrops

955. Strong coffee straight from the pot

956. Spinach salads with strawberries

957. Rainy car rides

958. First fallen leaves

959. Hours climbing around an attic & arranging shoes

960. Sweat worse than Africa

961. Wrestling with Malachi and winning

962. Trips to the dump

963. The power of six words

964. New library cards & books for free

965. Catch up phone calls with Decker & all the stories of thrown hips at weddings

966. Friends who pray specifics & offer to grocery shop for you so you don’t have a meltdown

967. That weird way library books smell…still

968. Quick designs in layers for blogposts

969. Knowing people care, even if they don’t ask

970. Books read in a day that make you laugh and cry (seriously, read For The Love by Jen Hatmaker)

971. Gift cards from the family. Blood is thicker than unemployment?

972. Coffee on the couch

973. Heaven songs & chords that are easy to follow

974. Fruits and veggies after weeks of carbs

975. Rome through the eyes of someone who’s never seen it before

976. A day of encouragement, coffee, & adventures with Kyndal 🙂

977. Late night walks, talks about all the things, swing sets, & shadow fish

978. Any possible moment to bring up left shark

979. Sitting on kitchen counters

980. Dinner & movies with Mo & Co (and bebe!!!) – our roots are deep

981. Leftover soup in cool whip containers, passed around — reminders that the good things are shared

982. Parks & Rec marathons while it monsoons outside

983. Being part of a package deal. Seriously love this family.

984. Movie nights & sleepovers & time to just relax

985. Midday messages from across the world that always encourage

986. Frosty’s paid for in quarters, because it’s the little thrills in life

987. All the wishes to be a magician from the safety of couch, pillow, & blanket

988. How hanging out with Amy & Malachi is the most normal thing

989. Being shocked at how much money is in my account every time I check it because Jesus

990. Quick couch convos with Lizzie

991. Crafties on a Friday night

992. Leftover soup & the good crusty bread

993. Getting to hear all the stories. Opportunities to listen & know the little things

994. Shorts with stretchy waistbands after a million nachos at Moe’s

995. Knowing the final scene – how it’ll all wrap up – and how I will most definitely cry

996. Books full of history

997. Football games

998. Saturday morning cartoons

999. Mid September mornings that finally feel like fall

1000. Clear eyes, full hearts…

3 thoughts on “Third 1000: Final Countdown

  1. kyndaltyson says:

    So glad to have been apart of this set! 😊 your inspiring me to start my first 1000! Also a friend recommended ‘For the Love’ tonight! I think it will be my next read! (Once I finish the other two that I’ve sarted) 😉

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