1000 The 4th: Here We Go Again

I started making these lists two and a half years ago in the middle of a tent city in Honduras. God has opened my heart to so many blessings through counting the little joy moments in each day. For more info on Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts and my journey, visit Gratitude.

1. The easiest pumpkin muffins ever & fall’s first day

2. Mid-afternoon rant sesh with Decker about adulting

3. Ryan H. because he always brings a different perspective to our small group

4. Laughing so hard on the couch with Amy about little things

5. Fake fights, long hugs, and ruling out Seattle

6. People who fight for you

7. One room, one group, at least seven different conversations at once: chaos, but not

8. Amy, who never minds if I interrupt her routine or just tag along to football practice

9. Conversations in the kitchen full of real truths that people don’t say much

10. Afternoons in the hammock when I wish I’d brought a coat

11. Replanted plants that thrive- watching their wilting brown leaves come back to life

12. Little Uganda reminders

13. The quiet moments that feel just as real as the rest

14. Couch naps to the sounds of football and people who rest with you

15. Morning football in the rain and silly-faced selfies

16. All of the chocolate cupcakes one could ever want (and chocolate all over our kitchen)

17. In-house hide-n-seek & the best hiding spots in closets (and all the hide-n-seek practice with my bros)

18. The fluffiest pillows for impromptu tackling practice

19. Never making decisions and never getting off the couch – lazy Saturdays as they were meant to be

20. Mall pizza & the way boys can never JUST walk through the mall

21. Free Hulu trials for new shows to watch

22. Fresh recipes from Lizzie that are delicious and healthy!

23. Roommate & friends who cook all the delicious food – and share

24. Mornings for waking up before the sun

25. Eating cereal color by color or just the marshmallows last

26. The hazy days in September after it rains so hard

27. Sweaters and long-sleeve shirts

28. Dream boards found 10 months in, forgotten, but full of all the feels

29. Junior Pee Wee football games & passionate parents that make us laugh so hard

30. Brand new peanut butter jars

31. Navy long sleeve tees & extra dollars

32. Being expected to show up

33. Room to read, study, & rest

34. Banana pudding comas

35. Joy light shining through our brokenness

36. The orange of pumpkins

37. Sweet potatoes for lunch or dinner

38. Flickering candles – orange and yellow bursts of light

39. Solving all the problems with the girls on a Wednesday #whorunstheworld

40. Soup nights

41. Afternoons on the porch with Donna

42. Walking the Relay track & brainstorming with D – fill.up.my.heart. with all the purple things and R4L

43. Let’s be real – Donna Davin in general. Full of sass and wisdom.

44. Photos & little stories from Uganda

45. Never being abandoned in our wilderness // nehemiah 9

46. Fresh flowers on the table where I spend most of my office hours

47. Charcoal hand stains & looking through old art

48. Canvases & wood panels for new visions. reusable art

49. Ripping art down to the pieces that look just right: composition

50. Tree sways to the sound of their own magical music

51. The way October seizes hearts

He is moving in and through us with deep breaths of gratitude and shines joy lights through our brokenness.