1000 the 4th: Riptides

52. Thursday letters from Lizzie

53. 40 ounce jars of peanut butter and a bushel of apples

54. Music and the way people connet over it: magic

55. Friends who understand Harry Potter jokes

56. Weeks of cooking – brunch, soups, desserts

57. Tuesday mornings at Kroger – when no one should be there, but everyone is

58. Giving all the small group people alternate HP identities

59. Wrap-up week of Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah study

60. Walking to check the mail and NOT running into gnats

61. Friends over for soup

62. Donuts dropped int he parking lot after dark – thanks Josh!

63. Pinterest, boot shopping, & gift card balances

64. New journals. Old friends

65. A break in the rain

66. Store credit from book giveaways & new reads

67. French playing cards cubist style

68. Cider Sundays at church, ever too sweet and delicious

69. Explaining Snapchat

70. Phone calls with Liz before we’re even out of bed

71. Pretending we’ll be right over for brunch & fresh coffee

72. The perfect sticks for wands & the death curses for that snake

73. Snap stories of my amazing brunch

74. 3 seasons of Nashville in 2 weeks

75. Rainy Mountain Day adventures with the Lands & Whisonants

76. Football, school pride, coffee shop meetups, & cajun brunch complete with mimosas & beignets

77. Finding Romans 8:28 way back in Nehemiah and Exodus – forever the same

78. Clay jars filled with coffee

79. Every sassy moment in the stands & chicken sandwiches paired with a Dr. Pepper

80. The last FTL Book Club, filled with every fist pump and hard truth

81. Selling things & starting fresh

82. Bold heart-filled emails & quick responses

83. Postseason MLB and 15 years of Gilmore Girls all at one time

84. Friends to discuss current issues with before making decisions and choosing stances: these muddled conversations are where real life happens

85. “God had brought Nehemiah full circle” because He tends to do that with us

86. Intentional people and learning to reach

87. Pumpkin tea, Africa mug, best plaid, & Friday vibes

88. Carole King karaoke while making brunch

89. Humans of New York because they tell the stories that need to be heard

90. A break in the clouds – and this endless rain – again

91. Driving soup up hills & around corners without spilling a drop: success

92. Butterbeer lattes on mornings with headaches

93. Red leaves falling

94. Homes you can enter without knocking

95. Saturday morning splurges: lattes & chicken biscuits

96. Book finishing

97. Drive-thrus on rainy days

98. Friends who love books & trade suggestions: these are the good ones

99. Slowly melting chocolate

100. Snapchat stories

101. Rearranged bookshelves & finally having all the good ones home