1000 the 4th: Prayer Partners

102. Four new books for cheap thanks to Chatt trips & getting lost in McKay’s

103. Cricket, my sweet baby, who loves me even after weeks and weeks because pups are so great

104. Walking city streets to dinner

105. Waiting in rocking chairs on screened-in porches

106. Dog-friendly restaurants & porch dinners

107. Lit trains shining like beacons above the brick

108. Flats, cozy & homey

109. Two good friends that I love so dearly

110. Songs that just make you weep

111. Prayer pleas in the car.

112. Answers that show up in emails

113. Malachi’s face when he realized I was driving the car picking him up – priceless

114. How focused we all are at jr peewee football games – cannot handle

115. Wisdom on letting go

116. Halloween costumes perfected

117. Phone calls with Housemate Heather

118. Between meeting calls & knowing Amy actually told Stan & Kevin I was basically family.

119. Not having a job – so I could help out some friends

120. Swift & Finch because most of my important conversations happen there

121. The “joy word” and the “faithful” word that keep showing up

122. Late night drives with Decker one whole year after Sam in Chatt!

123. Brave souls, like Christine

124. The humor in trying to convince small group to move to Tx

125. Friends to call on long drives

126. Notes in the mail from Tx. 🙂

127. Fridays when things just start lining up

128. Meetings about Uganda

129. Saturday football in long sleeves

130. Duffy’s for free & friends who are like family

131. Craning to see the football game from seats at the kitchen table with bowls of soup

132. Board games & meltdowns & people who ALWAYS win

133. Corner pieces of brownies (they are extra holy, I am convinced)

134. Football games so invigorating that we all fall asleep

135. Extra beds on Saturday night when it’s too late & too cold to go home

136. Waking up & remembering there are no sheets on my bed so it’s a good thing I stayed

137. The time between opening eyes & being fully awake when the world is shrouded in golden light and everyone is more angelic

138. Amelia the Pilot who has great heat in 35 degrees

139. Big sweaters & church pews

140. Excuses to drive to Atlanta for good burgers

141. Friday nights meeting new families & talking about foster care and Rome’s little nuggets of goodness

142. Woodstock drives for beef stew, apple pie, & the best pals

143. Room in this life for spontaneity

144. When you jam so hard on an hour drive that you lose your voice (this album)

145. Friends who make dessert and share

146. Monday morning Facetime & prayer partners states away that pray so fervently

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