1000 the 4th: All-Night Rain

147. Waking up to cold air and warm coffee

148. New Gilmore Girls episodes promised

149. Adele’s new Hello – on repeat

150. Talking Bible studies with Housemate Heather

151. The way God calls to mind the things that stir your passions

152. Eggo waffles with chocolate chips

153. Five little red mugs

154. Finding food truck bbq on a whim

155. Laughing for all of small group because of barefeet and street food

156. When we talk about Uganda together, remembering all the reasons why

157. Fall-asleep prayers & the best nights of sleep

158. Late night tea rituals

159. Snap stories of all the Broadway musicals

160. Thursday letters to the world

161. Georgia weather: hot days, cold nights

162. Busted phone screens, somehow a beneficial thing

163. Wands & cloaks

164. Evidence: Psalm 41:11

165. Baby ultrasounds that look like lil gummy bears

166. Sending letters & packages

167. Reading scripture out loud

168. Olive Garden to-go, like a ritual

169. Identifying all the excess

170. Broken phones & wrong hot glue sticks: laughing anyway

171. 1.5 hours in public without phone or watch: solace reminders of where “center” really is

172. Checking Ginny Weasley off my halloween bucket list! (Now to find a shark costume)

173. Neighborhood walks & birth talks with Kaf & Viv.

174. Afternoon bagel talks & deciding I should maybe be a doula because it’s the next best thing to bridesmaid

175. Late night ihop with the *right* people – worth the french toast

176. Couches made for overnight sleeps

177. Late dinners without anxious stomachs – the little victories are so sweet

178. Three stressful months without anxiety showing up in my abdomen. God, you are good.

179. Improv funnies

180. Early morning fog & yesterday’s makeup

181. The way He calls us beyond shores into bravery & undeniable promises

182. When worship feels like deep breaths & mountain air

183. The act of sending out. (and anticipation for when it’s me)

184. Donut holes swiped for later because they are the best

185. That time Amy licked the donut box because it had chocolate on it and wasting is not okay

186. All of the days in a row that Beth H and I have snapped – so many of them

187. Late Sunday naps

188. Conquering Chiaha with Sarahbeth

189. First gifts: wild & free tees from that cute place with the hangry towel – inadvertent traditions

190. Room to dye hair & clean bathrooms on Monday mornings

191. Little left gifts & held promises

192. Rain that promises to stay a while