A is for April

I’ve said for years that April is my favorite month of the year: spring blooms fill the world with color again and the sky looks a little more blue. Weather warms enough for shorts and tanks, chacos and time spent in hammocks. Spring in April begins with planting dreams for summer.


Somehow, April always ends up being one of the most chaotic months of the year, much like October. The weather is perfect so everything happens. Parties, events, commitments, and adventures. It’s not slow like summer – full of hazy humid days.
April is a marathon to be run.

I hiked the three-ish miles with some pals to the House of Dreams before the sun had a chance to shine its hottest on this little north Georgia town. The tulips were in full-bloom and we napped in the perfect grass that Berry seems to have growing everywhere.

I stopped running as much and started doing yoga. It’s my new favorite. If you’ve never tried it, you should – it’s intense, but makes your body feel so much better afterward.

Baseball season started off with disappointment as the Braves went 0-9 and I went to my first game of the season (that also turned out to be the coldest game in the history of baseball in Atlanta, I’m sure).

Somewhere in the middle of this month and a week full of migraines I learned that anxiety is the hardest to fight in public places because anxiety tells you that you shouldn’t be anxious and no one understands why you’re having a panic attack over “nothing” but it’s the things inside you they can’t see that feel like they’re falling apart. It’s easy to say that God is on your side in the calm moments, but it is like fighting a hurricane when anxiety is stealing your center. But, even still, He is faithful. Even when we are faithless.

Going the extra mile isn’t something I always feel like doing, but I can’t operate off of how I feel because what I do is for God, no matter what. Sometimes that looks like sacrificing sleep to drive four hours after a long week of work or spending extra money to make casseroles for someone.

The most difficult parts of this month were all wrapped up in the last week: Burying my grandmother in a whirlwind weekend of shock and complete bewilderment and waiting with bated breath while some crazy university doctors zapped parts of my dad’s brain to restore his mobility after 15 years with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s been so very much in such a short week. So much so that I slept during most of the hours I wasn’t working.

My favorite parts of this month included flower shopping, late night games and laughter, Atlanta trips with work people, pints of ice cream & late night creeping, welcoming Christine back to Rome home with Wicked Pimena Cheese dip from Harvest Moon, many conversations about baseball and the ways God knows what our hearts need, selfie sticks, potlucks, picnics, and any chance to eat sandwiches from my favorite places in Rome (like Duffy’s and Doug’s).

I love this little Roman world and the people and places that make it feel like home.