Book Fourteen

My goal for several years has been to read 50 books in one calendar year – 52 weeks – but I have always fallen off the rails around 25 books. This year, I’m twice as determined. I will be posting short reviews of each book with my thoughts and any recommendations I received for the book as well as a link to purchase the book from Amazon, (though I recommend checking your local library first). If you have questions, leave a comment! If you want to follow my journey, find me on Goodreads.

You guys…this book.

My favorite author ever (yep, ever) is Frank McCourt. He wrote several autobiographical novels on his childhood in Ireland, as an immigrant to the US, and his life as a teacher. Some say his books are too full of embellished accounts that probably didn’t happen, and maybe they are, but his writing style and his storytelling are like a symphony. I cannot get enough.

Jeannette Walls falls into that same category. I first read The Glass Castle on the train from Cape Town to Johannesburg in 2012, immediately comparing her style to McCourt. I was hooked. I picked up The Silver Star last year at a used bookstore and have been staring at it in my stack of unread books for months. I finally pulled it off the shelf and I’m no less impressed than I was in 2012.

Walls writes the story of a sweet young girl, Bean, and her sister, Liz, who find themselves somewhat abandoned by their mother and out of frozen pot pies from the store. They adventure alone to a small Virginian town where time moves a little more slowly than in the rest of the world, finding their uncle and inadvertently a lot of trouble. The two girls encounter mighty injustices in this small town and, just the same, mightily overcome the flaws and adversity they face. Walls portrays the hopelessness and perseverance of these two young girls in such a tangible way. Her storytelling is extraordinary and inspiring. I cannot recommend her writing enough.


Goodreads rating: 3.69/5

My rating: 4/5 stars

Days read: February 25

Recommend: Yes, but The Glass Castle first