Book Thirty-Seven

My goal for several years has been to read 50 books in one calendar year – 52 weeks – but I have always fallen off the rails around 25 books. This year, I’m twice as determined. I will be posting short reviews of each book with my thoughts and any recommendations I received for the book as well as a link to purchase the book from Amazon, (though I recommend checking your local library first). If you have questions, leave a comment! If you want to follow my journey, find me on Goodreads.

There were several plot twists in this one that blew me away. I’m going to reference a few so if you don’t want spoilers stop now!

Claire gets kidnapped at one point and we meet a new member of the Montauk Five and find out they were guided through the stones by Raymond (he is so elusive. I need more information). Then Malva Christie gets pregnant and blames it on Jamie. She ends up dead in the garden and Claire is cited for her death. Stephen Bonnet shows up several more times and Brianna’s family travels back through the stones after she gives birth to their daughter.

Through the whole chaotic plot this newspaper clipping Brianna found before traveling through the stones the first time hovers over every fire and death. The novel ends with a bang after ether spreads through the house and ignites, killing people in Claire and Jamie’s house, but not them. There were few moments in this novel that weren’t full of mystery, intrigue, and suspense. The ending was lovely (especially in comparison to those in previous novels). I would venture to say that this is my most favorite of the series so far.


Goodreads rating: 4.43/5

My rating: 5/5 stars

Days read: August 7 – September 21

Recommend: The whole series!