March: Books


This was a lovely read. I’m enjoying the new wave of plots centered around women in the world wars that are being published these days.
This one reminded me a lot of The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, but not as captivating. I felt like parts of the plot were rushed (especially at the end) while others were too drawn out.
The mathematics portion of the plot was dissonant with the rest of the plot and seemed so out of place. One of the characters in particular lacked growth and development in the plot, but the rest were wonderful!


**Spoiler Alert**
This is an incredibly eye-opening read. I grew up knowing my African American friends dealt with a different level of fear and frustrations I didn’t, but not the extent of it. This book gives more life to the stories of their experiences.
What Tayari Jones portrays in this novel is heartbreaking – yes because love takes different shapes, but also because wrongful incarceration can completely change the trajectory of someone’s life. Jones speaks to the dark underbelly of our judicial system, of racism, and so much more. Her writing is captivating and beautiful, even in all the hurt.


Huge thanks to Berkeley/Penguin Random House for a copy of this book!
Honestly, this is a special one. It does have similar threads to An American Marriage by Tayari Jones, but it is its own work of art.
The wrestling, shrinking, and expanding of these characters feels like the stretching of dry bones or the twisting of a river.
Anissa Gray has done a fantastic job bringing us along on this journey with a family that experiences anger, pain, and breaking. I will be mulling over this one for quite some time.


Reasons you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover: I truly picked this up because it is purple and the title is about mermaids. It is not about mermaids.
That being said, this is a striking collection of poetry about abuse and surviving abuse. Several of the poems presented a vastly different mindset from that seen in the mainstream media when discussing the Me Too Movement – a welcomed change of thought. However, it was a little heavy, a little too dissonant for my taste.

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