Book Review: The Logic of God

Huge thanks to Front Gate Media and Zondervan for this copy of The Logic of God. Divided into 52 sections of 2-3 pages, this would ideally be read in a year and pondered with much more devotion than I was able to give it. That being said, I have always enjoyed RZ’s work – mostly his college lectures – and found this equally fascinating. In a day where we have a lot of fanatical religious people posting catch phrases from the Bible (guilty as charged), RZ presents a completely different dynamic because he is incredibly intellectual. In this book, he delves into questions he commonly hears from all audiences (justice and virtue, prayer, hope, sorrow, etc) and carries you through the intellectual and spiritual answers. While hefty to read so quickly, I really enjoyed this.

“Behind every question is a questioner.”

*You can pick up your own copy at Amazon, but I’d really recommend checking your local bookstore and over the big A.

If you pick this one up, let me know your thoughts!