February 2020

I’ve been in the weirdest reading slump so far this year. I’ve consumed a lot of information – mostly news articles and recaps of historical events, but not as many books. That being said, I finished only one book in February. I very much enjoyed it (and the other two books I’ve started), but have been more inclined to watch The Great British Baking Show or some random NatGeo documentary than read. In fairness, I usually finish my “book goal” earlier in December than I did last year. In those circumstances, I tend to take the rest of the month to catch up on the shows and things I missed while reading throughout the year (and to give myself a bit of rest from the words), but seeing that I missed that last year, I think that accounts for my whelmed attitude toward books right now.
Onward and upward!

#5 Leigh Bardugo’s Ninth House
I added this to my “tbr” list on Libro.fm a few months ago because it was showing up everywhere – in my social media feeds, in emails from publishers, and in podcasts with bookstores. After reading, I can agree that the hype was warranted. I don’t normally read fantasy novels, especially of the YA variety – not for any particular reason, really. So, the setting for this book is Yale, where secret societies abound (both in real life and in fiction). The beginning is a little slow as the backstories for the characters is revealed in pieces. There are some big plot twists throughout that were great and I enjoyed the characters. There will be a few additional ones in this series, if rumors are correct. I’ve also been informed that Leigh Bardugo’s other novels are great reads as well, so I’ll probably try to tackle those later this year. Disclaimer: this particular one does deal with some hard subjects such as substance abuse, assault, etc.

Notes on the Rain: I genuinely think everything is molding around me because of all this dampness. I’ve started taking walks when there’s a break in the downpour just to get what little bit of light leaks through those heavy clouds. We’ve even had snow 3 or so times in this month alone! I’m now the proud owner of a kitchen table & chairs. Thomas, my fiddle leaf fig, is thriving, and so is my amaryllis, though I’ve given up all hope it will bloom this year. Tennessee is somehow one of the moodiest of places, like the PNW but with fewer evergreens.

Currently reading:
There, There by Tommy Orange
The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

Notes on where we go from here: I will be in Boston for most of March, which means lots of packing, lots of laundry, and the impossible decision of choosing a new hairstylist in Franklin. Cheers to keeping all those LL Bean sweaters just in case.