April 2020

April was a year and a week all at once. At some point in 2020, will I get to stop saying that about a month? I’m in a weird place (aren’t we all?) because of self-isolation and pandemic and world-changing decisions. That being said, I finished one book in April, but watched a lot of tv instead.

#9 B.B.’s The Little Grey Men
I was able to see Julie Andrews speak in Atlanta in December about the second installment of her memoir. During this delightful evening, she mentioned two things: her favorite beverage is brandy and her favorite children’s book is The Little Grey Men. I don’t think we were out of the parking deck before I’d ordered it from Parnassus. I read it on Madison’s porch in Duluth and enjoyed every second. It’s such a lovely read, as anything the Dame recommends is sure to be.

Notes on Atlanta: I spent a lot of time doing not a lot in March. Living far from my friends on a normal basis, it felt like an absolute treasure to have them all close, even if we couldn’t really get together. The end of April is probably my least favorite week in a year. Spending it with people wasn’t lost on me.

What’s saving my life right now:
1. New cookbooks – I bought one about cookies and one about cocktails and I’m stoked to dive into both
2. Spring flowers – Franklin is absolutely full of garden roses and giant peonies and tulips.
3. Pretending to make plans for when “all of this is over” – where to go, who to see, what adventures would be worthwhile. Thinking about all of that keeps the weight of right now from being entirely too much

Notes on where we go from here: Well, things are “open,” but I’m tentative. Is it too soon? Are we bored of ourselves so we’re willing to take a big risk? I’m not sure. I miss my people more than I can even explain. I even miss strangers. I miss events and Thursday dinners and going to parks without feeling like we’re all a little too close. For now, bottles of wine and an overabundance of Google Duo conversations and pouring myself into work. One day, confirming that you all exist in real skin and not just on this tiny tablet in my hands.