May 2020

My post from May 2019 was titled, “May: A Train.” If May 2019 was a train, I think May 2020 was a bulldozer.

Notes on Books: I’m still working on #10. It’s a really good one, but I’ve struggled to finish. Self-care has looked more like binge watching Heartland on Netflix recently. Cheesy, but delightful and needed. Maybe June will look better on the reading front.

Notes on Franklin: May has been the month of opening up – parks, restaurants, salons, other businesses. Masks are still being worn and signs suggesting social distancing abound. D11 had some serious plumbing problems about a week after I returned from Georgia. It was a mess and it hasn’t missed me how much damage could have been done had I stayed south one more week. It rained a lot in May and the magnolias started to bloom last week so everything feels like summer.

What’s saving my life right now:
1. My new Kitchenaid mixer – seriously, who knew making cookies could be so easy!?
2. Braves reruns – it feels bizarre to have summer without baseball, but with 2020, we must. Reruns of the “good games” make it a little less hard to handle the drought.
3. Aperol spritzes – the epitome of summer in a glass. Cheers y’all

Notes on where we go from here: If you’ve read my recent post, you know I’m deeply moved by the magnitude of the systemic racism in our country. I tend to over-compensate my anxiety and grief with over consumption of news, photos, videos, etc. 2020 has been full of that on so many fronts. I think my goal for June is to decrease consumption and add a few action steps on a local level. Less internet. More real life. And maybe a few more picnics with people I love.