September 2020

September was a hardworking month spent arranging furniture, assembling bookshelves, and adding curtains – essentially making this little townhouse a townhome. There’s still so much I want to do, but I’m loving its coziness so far.

#16 Albert Cooper’s The Tragedy of Belle Frank
A dear Roman friend sent me this first novella by a Cedartown native. I loved the nuances of the text that hinted at northwest Georgia and the culture of a small town high school in the 21st century – cellphones, apps, and everyone knowing everyone. I think Albert is on his way to other great works as well.

Notes on Ruth
I’ve held my thoughts and feelings and emotions on this close over the last few weeks. There are a few “famous” people who have impacted my life so deeply that losing them will feel like losing a family member – RBG is one of those. I cried sobbed for an entire week. I was shocked that life had barely left her body and focus was already on her replacement. I know time moves quickly, but allowing a moment to grasp the magnitude of a life and loss centers and grounds us. Rushing through makes everything lose its flavor and all of a sudden you can’t understand why your body is tense or showing signs of weariness. I could stand on that soapbox for a solid week, I think.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg was superhero. She forged a wide path where there was none, becoming the “first” even into her death as the first woman and first Jewish American to lie in State, an honor well-deserved.
After a week of weeping, it is time to do my part to run this relay race of equality. Let’s go.

#17 Alyssa Hollingsworth’s The Invisible Boy
I love reading anything Alyssa writes, honestly. Her debut novel, The Eleventh Trade, was a delight set in Boston (where I lived while reading it). Her newest, The Invisible Boy, exceeded my expectations. I knew the novel would explore human trafficking, but was blown away by Alyssa’s masterful handling of such a topic in a book for a middle-grades audience. This is a must-read for adults as well. Bravo to Alyssa, once again, for a fantastic novel!

Notes on “within driving distance”
I’m home a lot, exploring this neighborhood and all its parks and craftsman-style houses, but Rome’s just up the road and Woodstock’s right around the corner and the Beltline isn’t too far for a midweek beer with a friend.

What’s saving my life right now:
1. Binge watching Home Town on HGTV
2. Open windows and early fall breezes
3. SOUP!

Notes on where we go from here:
October is sure to be busy – from virtual Mountain Day celebrations to pumpkin patches and apple picking and backyard bonfires and some level of Halloween celebrating later. This is still, by far, my favorite month of the year.

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