Who I am

I am a dreamer, world traveler, and lover of circles. I have lived in a little north Georgia town for 8 years, minus one 11 month journey around the world. I spent my college years at Berry College earning a degree in English, falling more in love with art, and learning a lot about who I am in the Boss’s big scheme. I’ve learned to love big, be honest, and live my dreams. I enjoy a good cup of coffee or a simple herbal tea paired with a good book or a good conversation. I love creating, whether with words, paintbrushes, or a trackpad. I’m an advocate and a cheerleader for those around me, a lover of birthdays and whimsical fun. I am lionhearted and called Beloved. I don’t mind being quiet sometimes, but I do love to share what I’m learning. I’m a get-to-know-you kind of person who thrives off of good times had together and I hope this can be one of those places. So, let’s imagine we’re sitting on a couch with fuzzy socks and a fireplace and lots to discuss. Grab your favorite mug and let’s be friends.